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    Все Ил-2, Все Фланкеры\Луконы, 8-й, 9-й, 10-й МСФС, первый и второй МСКомбатФС, Чёрная Акула.
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  1. Hello my Friend...Just like to introduce myself.  I'm Eric, an old Huey, Cobra, and Apache driver, and I'd like it very much if I could pester you sometime concerning some of your flight knowledge.  I was given your profile by Why_not...   Am currently working on a nightly thing and would appreciate your experience.   Many Thanks


    1. Wadim


      Hi Eric.
      I am an old pilot of L-39, MiG-21, MiG-23, Mi-24, Mi-8. I am 56 years old and have been in aviation for over 39 years.
      It is very good that we, two real pilots, have a connection.
      But, your questions contain many letters.
      My request to you is to ask questions shortly.
      And then we will find mutual understanding with you.

    2. epipkin911


      Fair enough...  Thank you for responding.  Nice to know an old set of warriors like us still honor each other.  I was just wanting to be able to speak with you about the Hind.  A question now and then maybe.  I dont want to pester you.  I'm 59 myself, or will soon be.  Hard to remember now days.  


      Currently I'd really like to know if the tail rotor feels right in the Hind to you?  Is it as effective as the real aircraft?

      Also feels difficult to slow from forward flight.  


      Talk to you later my friend...

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