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  1. I didn't notice anything drastically improved. The cut/copy/paste/delete icons in the context menu threw me off for a bit. Kept choosing more options, before I realized they were along the top. It took me awhile to realize I had to right click on the menu button instead of anywhere on the taskbar to get a menu where I could bring up the task manager and other stuff. I gave up on the Windows 10 menu so I couldn't care less about the changes there, though it looks different for sure. The absence of the power mode slider (for my laptop) from the battery icon in the notificationr is the most annoying thing I've encountered. It's now buried in the system settings. I leave it in performance mode and let the fans go wild unless I'm on a conference call or watching a movie. Switching is now more tedious. So, overall nothing drastically ruined either. I didn't have to reinstall any apps or drivers. I just used the upgrade assistant to kick off the upgrade and it basically ran until it was done. Afterwards, I did some incidental cleanup of install files, checked over that things were still working, and that was about it. Nothing was broken for me so it was quick. Obviously, if you're going to do a clean install it's going to take a lot more work.
  2. So far so good. It was a pretty painless upgrade. The relatively few games and apps I have installed still work (DCS, IL-2, SBPPE, and TIR are the most relevant to this audience).
  3. It's super crowded, but the Free Flight and Practice - Mariana Islands map is up. It's attached here until it is approved and downloadable. The black sea maps has also had a minor update trying to reign in the ships blowing up every other non-friendly ship on the map. Not sure I was successful, but if not I'll try again when it's not s late. Free Flight and Practice - Mariana Islands.miz
  4. -1.58 *Added A-10C II *Added F-14A-135-GR I also uploaded a Syria version that I've attached so it can be downloaded here until it is activated. Free Flight and Practice - Syria.miz
  5. Not sure on the JF17. There are 'drones' constantly flying that will not engage. Shoot them down and learn to deploy your weapons. Then there are three areas on each map for calling in active AI for Modern/Korea/WWII era aircraft. Using the F10 menu you can adjust the group size from 1-4 and choose from a range of aircraft options appropriate to the era. If they get to close to airbases they'll spontaneously combust.
  6. -1.56 Att P-47D-30 Free Flight and Practice - The Channel has been added as well. Currently under review by Eagle, but hopefully available for download from user files soon. Attached here for those looking before then. Free Flight and Practice - The Channel.miz
  7. Yes, I'll take a look. I thought I had slowed them down but maybe they need to come down some more.
  8. It's in the development branch. https://github.com/mrSkortch/MissionScriptingTools/blob/development/mist.lua https://github.com/mrSkortch/MissionScriptingTools/blob/development/mist.lua#L36-L38
  9. Changelog to date: -1.51 *Adjusted tanker speeds *Added Fw 190 A-8, Agressors, and Hostiles -1.50 *ICLS Activated on the John C. Stennis and Tarawa *Enabled TACAN on S-3B *Added KC-130 and KC-135MPRS *Set common/correct tanker frequency -1.49 *Removed B-17G hostsiles so WWII Asset Pack is not needed -1.48 *Drastic script rewrite. Should be functionally identical *Now possible to set Hostile groups strength from F10 menu * Added greater selection of hostile rotary AC to call in -1.47 *Added I-16 *Added greater selection of WWII AC to call in * Fixed script error -1.46 * Put Hostile Aircraft call-in's under F10 sub-menus * Added greater selection of modern hostile AC to call in * Turned on AWACS (FC3 AC can use RShift+M to tune it out) -1.45 * Removed Carl Vinson * Some payload changes * Reduced Su-33 group to 3 due to Kuznetsov limitation -1.44 * Some payload changes -1.43 * Updated MIST/CTLD * Fixed TACAN for Refueling -1.42 * Carl Vinson is actually a Stennis until the Vinson gets a functioning model, the 4 planes max on a carrier bug is fixed, or we get another working carrier. -1.41 * Added F-14B * Set TACAN to 1x for Tarawa * Changed TACAN to 2x for Texaco * Set TACAN to 70X for Carl Vinson * Set TACAN to 74X for John C. Stennis -1.40 * Added MiG-19P * Moved WWII Aggressors to Krymsk -1.39 * Added Christen Eagle II -1.38 * Added C-101CC * Added P-51D-30-NA * Removed Hawk -1.37 * Add Yak-52's * Add F/A-18C's * Add J-11A's * Add SA342Minigun * Add Spitfire LF Mk. IX CW * Update Coalitions -1.36 * Added AV-8B N/A -1.35 * Update MIST -1.34 * An asshat (me) nuked Krymsk. It Sucked. Nukes disabled -1.33 * Added FAC Units at a couple ranges * Made tankers immortal * Move drones out of engagement areas -1.32 * Ships moving, Su-33 set fuel;85%. so they can take off * Added immortal SAM Defenses to Blue Bases * Cut out a bunch of FARP vehicles to help with ground lag -1.31 * Move blue units at Krymsk to Anapa * Move agressors to Krymsk * Moved SAM targets north -1.30 * Slow down tankers * Shorten tanker track so they stay closer to the action. -1.29 * Shift UK to Red so Aggressor Fw 190 D-9's could be added. * Shift all Nuetral countries to Blue. -1.28 * Added AJS-37 -1.27 * Added Combined Arms Armor and targets near Beslan -1.26 * Added Combined Arms SAM Range at Beslan -1.25 * Added Spitfires -1 .24 * Added Hostile Helo aircraft to the F10 menu - 1.23 * Adjust Mi-8MTV2 service life * Adjust Mi-8MTV2 loadouts * Added slingload cargos * Fixed misspelling aggressor on chopper slots - 1.22 * Reworked Respawn script so hostile aircraft are closer * Hostile aircraft are now called up via F10 menu * Added a chopper drone group for SA-342Mistrals * Added a ship range for AJS-37's. - 1.21 * Unified Carrier Practice, Live Fire, and Free Flight * Drastic Reshuffle of airbases - 1.20 * Added SA342Mistral * Added Aggressor Helos * Added A-10A, A-10C, Su-25, Su-25T Aggressors - 1.19 * Added F-5E-3 Agressor, Life Fire, and Free Flight - 1.18 * Added SA342L's * Put rockets on the Fw 190 D-9 instead of bomb. - 1.17 * Fixed Free Flight M-2000C A-A Missiles - 1.16 * Added L-39ZA Live Fire and Aggressor Aircraft * Fixed Fuel loads on various client flights - 1.15 * Renamed ships so landing/takeoff msgs are better. * Fixed FARP object names. * Removed tasks from client aircraft. * Cleaned changelog a little. - 1.14 * Added Carrier Practice SA342M's. - 1.13 * Changed Hawk loadouts. - 1.12 * Hawk loadouts fixed. - 1.11 * Added SA342M's. - 1.10 * Added AFAC Range. - 1.9 * Set Soft Targets at FARP to respawn when destroyed. - 1.8 * Set Options before Orbit so they take effect. - 1.7 * Disallow target RTB on Bingo Fuel. - 1.6 * Fixed Texaco's callsign. - 1.5 * Gave tankers longer straighter path. * Used deault freq., which seems to work better. - 1.4 * Added AWACS. * Added Refuelers. - 1.3 * Added aggressors for PVP. - 1.2 * Fixed two WWII groups incorrectly set as Bf 109 K-4. - 1.1 * Added Flares to Hueys. -1.0 * Added Carriers and carrier practice groups.
  10. This thread will announce updates to these and any future Free Flight and Practice missions I create. Black Sea: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301568/ Normandy: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301570/ NTTR: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301569/ Persian Gulf: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3301571/ Syria: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3313679/ The Channel: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3310399/ Mariana Islands: https://www.digitalcombatsimulator.com/en/files/3317280/
  11. Right, I'm familiar with how it works now (with and without this latest patch), just curious if the two features I mentioned (dedicated server specific install/trimmed down install) are coming. Just a curiosity factor if it is possible to expound on that change note as these would be great improvements if that is indeed where it's going in either or both cases. I like where everything is going so far and basically consider it a big improvement as is. The one thing besides the improvement we get today that I consider really necessary is the ability to give others the ability to admin the server (I've seen this is in progress elsewhere, so patiently waiting).
  12. I saw the updater updated itself and there was a note about supporting dedicated server installs. Is there or will there be a separate executable or an option in the setup for installing a dedicated server with all the terrain in one go? Edit: And any chance of this being able to omit unneeded graphics now or in the future to reduce the size of the install?
  13. I saw this on one of my systems. Never saw it on the other...
  14. Retracts at full mil if it's for the sake of bolters, right? You're not supposed to use AB when trapping.
  15. Huge thanks. Still a little rough but more traps than misses. This is a much better way to fly. I just need to refine my process a bit. Thanks for Victory's doc too. I read through it, also a big help!
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