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  1. What you are basicaly saying is I dont want it because it will give someone advantage over me in very specific weather condition. It does not affect you in any negative way during CASE I, not even during CASE II, not even in majority of CASE III conditions. It only gives slight advantage (questionable at best) to the user during specific CASE III conditions. On the other hand someone who has trouble making out the ball during landing will be affected negatively by not be able to use this overlay every time except CASE III no vis. condition because no one will see anything anyway.
  2. This is and always will be unachivable, there will always be someone with advantage/disadvantage. Unless everyone will fly with same hardware/software configurations all the time.
  3. Well maybe for someone who cant see ball clearly enough on their screen or VR, you have the advantage. I think that is why it was implemented in a first place. I just dont understand why you would ban function that does not affect others in any negative way, maybe gives whoever uses it bit of advantage in some specific conditions. I also dont understand your "realism server" argument, you can not see the overlay if you dont use it so there is no "reality" broken for you, for someone who use it, well they probably need it and its not a biggest of advantage as you said.
  4. Edit: You are on to something here actually. I went through it again a little in NATOPS and there is some discrepancies between it and actual behaviour in game. Fuel feed switch: When switched to AFT position - Left feed of aft and left system starts to decrease quantity and R feed of forward, and right will increase its quantity (if it was lower than max) or or will hold max. When switched to FWD position Left feed of left and aft system will increase its quantity (if it was lower than max) or or will hold max, and R feed of forward and right system will start to decreas
  5. Yes, I can see how that will affect other players, that would not be able to see own position. But I fail to see how IFLOLS overlay affects anyone else in any negative way, less that one above, which I would not care about really.
  6. Well, OK fair enough, but it still affect only him and only in very specific situation. Honestly it would not bother me at all, there are other means to land even if you cant see the ball.
  7. This is not like the labels case. If one individual would have labels on and others off he would have an unfair advantage because he would see every other aircraft (label) and they would not see (probably) him. But the iflols overlay ONLY afects the one individual that has it turned on (so he can see the ball) and it does not affect other players in any way.
  8. No, servers should have no ability to enforce this. It should be on individual basis if someone wants to see it or not. Forcing it server side on all, either on or off when if they have it on/off does not affect others in any way is unacceptable. I personally want it off because I use monitor and track-ir and never had problem to see the ball, but others flying in VR on same server might want it on, which I support, but if its set off they wont be able to. On the other hand if its set server side on for the VR guys, I will have it on as well which I dont want.
  9. Why in a hornet? Its not specific to hornet but to supercarrier, why not create supercarrier special tab, I would assume some more things may fit in that category later.
  10. Interesting thing about this I found is (I dont know if it plays trick on my mind or is real), If you startup but leave radar OFF, then the ADI will drift. If you startup and switch radar to STBY and then ON after take off, ADI and horizon on radar scope will drift. But strange thing for me is it does not happen if you start up and leave radar in STBY for the duration of the flight, ADI will not drift, it will stay aligned no matter how many crazy maneuvers you do.
  11. Only silly ass comment here is yours. Instead of bringing new features, it would be in my humble opinion better if they fixed IFLOLS H/E for F-14s, non functioning ACLS, LSO slow calls for F-14 (that gets on my fkn nerves), ball overlay show/hide options, made ATC actually realistic, added taxi dirrectors, wands for night ops, longer wake behind ships. That would bring lot more immersion for me than stupid ready room/hangar deck update. Their priorities of whats important have been, again in my humble opinion totally off for long while now.
  12. I tried but I can not induce the stall/fire at all. I was thinking, could it be something with AICS system? Maybe the inlet ramps hydr/scheduling failure? AICS operation in NATOPS is very interesting and deserves to be looked at. Here is a short snippet from 14B - Fail-Safe: ...If the hydraulic shutoff valve closes above Mach 0.9, the ramps are normally in an unsafe configuration and the appropriate RAMPS caution light will accompany the INLET caution light (Figure 2-5). Above Mach 0.9, the No. 3 ramp normally begins programming below the actuator stow lock. When the fail-s
  13. Well AIM-9s on station 1A, 8A have drag index 8 (per station), AIM-7s in tunnel have drag index of 2 (per station), so you have twice the drag index carrying 2*9s over 4*7s in tunnel. But even still, I too find the stores drag to be excessive.
  14. For you to get direction there needs to be a signal on a frequency you are listening to. ATC is not dedicated ADF station that transmit all the time, they obviously only transmit when they are taking to someone in this case its working as intended.
  15. According to technical manual for MiG-21, afterburner should not be functioning with activated SPS switches, and flaps more than 30° down. Also when tested on the ground in AB regime, when SPS is switched on, assuming flaps are more than 30° down, AB will disengage.
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