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  1. I only get the disconnect when connecting to the USB-C port on my 2070. If I use the one on the MB it will not. BUT the sounds is stutters. It is more annoying in DCS because of the additional sounds of lock tones, rwr etc.
  2. I have a Ryzen 5600x with a gigabyte Aorus Pro AC MB and a 2070, I set the PCie port to Gen 3 and my system would boot right back into the Bios. It would never start the normal start up sequence. It made me think that the change was prevented boot up. I also saw that for my MB there was a newer BIOS version, F13d. I don’t think I tried with the new version. I wonder why system would not boot beyond Bios.
  3. Let me check and get back to you
  4. I don’t use Steam so did not not know what Auto throttling was. As I said,I reset all my settings to default in the control panel as he recommends and works better. Last night I flew in MSFS2020 and it looked better and smoother. No benchmark but just flying it.
  5. Miles do you mean the regular mouse cursor when moving the mouse? If so yes
  6. I "watched" this video, meaning the first few minutes and then went to the conclusions. I have the link going to the conclusions. DCS: Nvidia Control Panel — effective or bogus? I followed his recommendations and see an improvement. I would say my stutter is less. It clearly did not hurt FPS, I have to do some more testing in other missions to compare.
  7. So spend time this weekend putting it all together. Had to find a spot where I could set it up permanently. here is my setup I am thinking about welding a frame for under the seat. It would require more welding skills than I currently have. I like a challenge
  8. I will check the next time but I believe so. landing does in general. I am usually so focused on landing that I simply don't know
  9. Recently, I decided to commence early. about 2 miles out I was still a little high on the glideslope and that saved me. All of sudden another F-18 flew right below me, if I had been on glideslope I would have been hit. Peter
  10. 2 questions, first I had to recalibrate my fcu’s as I went to one screen and I feel the mouse cursor is very jittery now. When point somewhere the cross is always moving a bit. More than it did before. Any idea? second, I love the function on the Quest2 where you can double tab the case to get the pass through view. This afternoon I transferred the Aux controllers to my Quest2 and the double tab does not work anymore. Anyone else seen this? EDIT: a restart has resolved this. It never happened to me before Thanks,
  11. Let me know if that helps. I currently use the USB-C port of my motherboard and the sound is still somewhat stuttering. Not too bad but noticeable
  12. That is what am going to do now. Later I might get some 80/20
  13. I thought about doing that too, cutting down the silver tube, I was not sure if I wanted to do that. secondly, setting it up as such would require more space. I have to figure out where to put it. thanks for your replay
  14. Question to the group. you see that I have a PlaySeat, it sits relatively low to the ground. When I set up my Wheel Stand Pro the Joystick is too high. So I need to raise my seat. Any suggestions what to use. I can build some wooden frame but that does not look good. I am going to check Ikea, the might have something. Thanks
  15. interesting you say that, I followed someone's suggestions and it set it to much higher values than I thought would be good. The image quality was much better than I had before. no more shimmers in the cockpit. It did push my system to its limits. After upgrading to the 5600X I am good again. Now I am fine if my FPS is 25 on the supercarrier while I start up and taxi to the cat. The moment I am of the deck I am back up to 35 - 40 fps. It used to be 17fps with my Ryzen 7 2700.
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