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  1. Your track doesn't follow the repro steps. You missed point 4. The one marked with bold...
  2. The jumpy HUD designation (https://forums.eagle.ru/forum/english/digital-combat-simulator/dcs-f-a-18c-hornet/bugs-aa/289637-reported-hud-auto-designation-is-extremely-jumpy) has been super frustrating since the first launch of the Hornet. In the last patch, the code is clearly rewritten and it works so much better now! Thanks a lot, programmer who got tasked with finally fixing this. <3 It feels great now, nice job!
  3. Repro steps: 1) Carry Tpod and some Mav E:s 2) FLIR page to the right, Mav page to the left 3) Arm laser 4) Designate a spot on the ground using the HUD or the JHMCS 5) Switch SOI to FLIR and fine tune your aim at a target (building or vehicle doesn't seem to matter, unlike last time, in this possibly related, and fixed, bug) 6) Switch SOI to Mav page and Uncage 7) Hold pickle Problem: The maverick will not fire. Workaround: If you switch SOI back to FLIR, or even switch SOI to HUD, you can fire. But you cannot remain in the Mav page. Remarks: If you only use the Tpo
  4. No, if/when this happens, it probably some edge case error in the script in my mission, not in DCS. There is no way to read which wire you have grabbed, so the script estimates it by measuring the distance from the center of the ship to the point where you came to a halt. In 95% or more of the cases it works great. However, from time to time, you might get outside the normal parameters, and it might tell you you grabbed another wire that you did. In the case you don't get any score at all after coming to a full stop (this can happen if the wire doesn't pull you back for whatever reason), you
  5. Break mode: Approach from behind (initial), perform the break after the bow and go into the pattern. Good for practicing the whole thing, as it would look like when you recover after a mission. Pattern mode: Take off from the ship, go on-speed, hook down, climb to 600' and turn left to downwind straight into the pattern. Good for getting lots of practice on the final parts of the landing (you can run it with hook up and go lap after lap after lap, if you can accept with the fact that you won't get any wire score, since you will always bolter, that is). I attached a PNG with the pattern p
  6. Tried to turn down the heatseeker growl, which is very loud, at least for the 9X. Discovered that it’s no longer working. If you turn it all the way down it gets completely silent. But in all other settings you get 100%. I assume trk is not needed since repro is trivial (i.e select 9X, try to lower volume with the WPN knob), but let me know otherwise. Cheers!
  7. BigNewy: With all due respect, it should be obvious to anyone (especially your SMEs and QA guys) that it's not working as intended. There is some obvious flaw to how the movement is coded. Try this: Using the default controls for Throttle Designator Controller (i.e buttons, not the axis), try holding down Left, and then (without releasing Left) simultaneously hold down Right. The aimpoint will start jumping like crazy. No one in their right mind can claim that being able to push it to the left and right at the same time is correct. Similar symptoms happen when moving the TDC usin
  8. Would it be possible for you to upload a video of it? And maybe the miz in question. It sounds really strange indeed.
  9. This is still bugged but not marked as reported. (Jonsky7, thanks for posting the fix suggestion. I think that could be helpful for EDs devs, if they see it)
  10. I don't think it's just practice. It sounds like something is setup wrong, or you're missing something. It sounds like you have grasped the concept of on-speed, and then it shouldn't be this hard. Four things: 1) Check your weight. If you're above 34.000 lbs, dump fuel. 2) (What I believe is your problem) Holding 3-3.5G through the break will put you very close to the runway or boat. For the boat, aim for 1.2 nm wide. For the runway, you might want to add a little more, like 1.5 nm (since the lack of angled deck makes it easier to overshoot). Being too narrow will require lots of bank
  11. In real life though (which also works great in DCS), you'd only leave it on 12 for runway takeoffs. For carrier takeoffs, you always trim to at least 16. Note that when spawning a Hornet on the catapult, it will already be trimmed to 16.
  12. In the Stores page, press "MAV" again and it will give you another page (which can and needs to be selected as "SOI"). You will need to be in that page to uncage the Maverick.
  13. BigNewy: Do you want me to start a new thread, or can you simply change/narrow the subject of this one to "AGM-65E can't be fired on buildings unless FLIR page is SOI" or similar, removing the [CAN NOT REPRODUCE]? Granted it's not intended behavior that is. :)
  14. Yes, that makes a lot of sense. However, as mentioned in my latest reply. regardless of point track, area track or ground stab, it seems that you have to select the FLIR page as SOI (rather than the MAV page) to consistently be able to fire.
  15. Good point! That's of course true. Thanks!
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