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  1. @BIGNEWYHow's the investigation on this one going? Curious what you SMEs are saying, especially in the context of the unambiguous Hornet driver claims above ( @G B @Mo410etc). Cheers!
  2. Curious about this one. While the workaround is simple enough, it just feels really off and random. Is there documentation indicating that you need to hold ON/OFF (and it if's correct, what's the reason for that)? The Hornet driver I talked to didn't recognize it all all and said "no, you just press it".
  3. No docs really. But from the top of my head. Disable in-flight feedback: You will no longer see the score as you're flying, but instead only see the summary. This is useful if you don't want the help of receiving the abeam message telling you exactly when to turn final, for instance. Enable public feedback: This makes the continuous feedback normally only displayed to you be shown for everyone. Useful if you're coaching someone and want to see their scores as they're flying. Will become super spammy if you're several people in the pattern. Disable
  4. Hi! I'm sorry to hear you're having problem. Unfortunately I don't have the stable DCS version installed, so I can't try it out. I'm attaching the previous version here, so you can try that one. Bankler's Case 1 Recovery Trainer_v06-10_LegacyCarrier.miz Bankler's Case 1 Recovery Trainer_v06-10_Supercarrier.miz
  5. Good catch LastRifleRound! Related thread:
  6. The Litening has been carried on the cheek station on USMC Hornets. Though it is extremely rare. I don't really have an opinion on whether it should be a thing in DCS or not (doesn't really matter much when we have the ATFLIR). In general though, I kind of like it when ED leaves plausible things like these in the hands of the players (just like they let us carry fancy infrared Mavericks on our Hornets) instead of disabling them on their end. If it's technically possible I tend to vote for allowing the players to enjoy it, even if it's not really a thing operationally IRL. Granted it doesn't ea
  7. Respectfully, now we have three experts (GB, GB's Hornet pilot friend, and Mo410) confirming that the code can be set on the ground. All respect for the team (they are heroes... the amount of bug fixes in the last patch is absolutely insane!), but I'm curious to hear what documentation they could possibly have that claims the opposite. Because it doesn't make much sense to arbitrarily make something impossible just because documentation doesn't explicitly say that you can do it. With that reasoning, you could for instance argue that you shouldn't be able to use rudder trim if belo
  8. @IronMikeHi there! Any news on this? Cheers!
  9. Sorry for the 2019 necro. But this doesn't seem to be correct. What Drac found (in August 2019...) only explains when the laser can be fired, not when you should be able to set the laser code. According to GB, you should always be able to set the code, regardless if the laser is armed or not. At least it wasn't in any of the software versions he flew, and I can't really imagine a reason why that would change. It would be a very arbitrary limitation. Setting up the laser code before take off makes a lot of sense. These were my questions to him: Q: 1) Can
  10. If you're eager for it, here's instructions on how to modify it to include F-14A: 1) Replace some of the current aircraft with A's in the ME. 2) Close the ME. 3) Extract the TrapTraining.lua script from the .miz file (with 7zip or any other zip program) and change one line in there: self.isTomcat = self.typeName == "F-14B"; should instead be: self.isTomcat = self.typeName == "F-14B" or self.typeName == "F-14A"; 4) Replace the old TrapTraining.lua in the miz with your modified one. This should let you replace all the B's with A's,
  11. VERSION 7.0.0 SPRING UPDATE!! T-45C support available! You can now download version 7.0.0 in the Original Post! With the new T-45C mod and the new weather stuff being released, I couldn't resist getting my hands dirty again. In addition to adding a version that supports the T-45C, I took the opportunity to polish a couple of other things as well. Notably, the overhead tanker now follows the carrier as it steams north, thanks to the Moose Recovery Tanker feature. So big thanks to FunkyFranky and the rest of the Moose team for that.
  12. Yes, I'm working on a version for it!
  13. Fri13>> Agreed, having an IR marker capable ATFLIR as a separate item in the loadout menu would be a nice solution. I was thinking "well, just don't press the button damnit?" but your suggestion is better. Off topic side track: As for the US Navy not using AGM-65F and if I'm certain about it. I tend to be careful using the word "certain". I am not in a position where I can claim to be 100% sure of it. But Navy pilots I talked to have claimed that there is "no such thing" for the Hornet. It surprised me, since the F (at least according to Wikipedia) was ordered by the
  14. Thanks for all the input. Very interesting read! I learned a lot reading this thread. I understand that it makes things easy to pick one date and use that as a guide for what should be available. I understand that stepping away from this might risk opening a can of worms ("Since we got this, why can't we get that?" Sort of like I'm doing now I guess....). However, and this is just my opinion and nothing else, since we already have taken a few sidesteps from what was available at that point, I see no harm in taking a few more sidesteps if they check the following boxes:
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