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  1. What about the pave penny? Is there not a gap missing there?
  2. Oh wow! that is absolutely beautiful cowboy! Can I ask about your statement on "(the others are NOT incorrect per se, just not like your example)". Do you mean they're not incorrect because they aren't using the pattern? I find it curious when the livery isn't a match for the pattern and why someone would choose to not do a replica of something real? Perhaps you could share some thoughts?
  3. I think these need to be options for every module! Like the F-16, F-18, get rid of those ridiculous pictures, which is all they realistically.
  4. Razor5-1

    [REQUEST] VFC-13

    I don't know how to skin anything unfortunately. But these skins are fantastic I think to complement the zebra type VFC-13 we have. The desert is especially nice I think!
  5. The desert aggressor is missing from the sim. I think it is absolutely beautiful! The blue is in the user files. But with the 2 I have found, the colours are off or else the pattern isn't correct.
  6. Razor5-1

    NATO T

    Hi, I create FARPS using the invisible FARP option in the mission editor. I create T and Y helicopter landing layouts to realistic scales using the marked tyres. This is a tedious pain!!! Is it possible for me to save these to structures as static objects so I don't have to-re create them every time? With 2021 set to be the year of the helicopter possibly! with the Kiowa, Hind and Apache due. I would love to see these as options in the game, along with any Russian other countries alternatives.
  7. I love the livery! The pattern is almost spot on!. My only observation is the colouring. The original is more green than dark grey/black from pics I've seen of it.
  8. Bravo Bunny Clark! I agree it is very weird placing the aircraft. I end up having to place and load and place and load and over and over! It isn't out by much but I would definitely say it is out.
  9. I too would love to know what's changed there?
  10. Absolutely beautiful! Thank you for making this skin! I would love to see more if you are interested in making them!
  11. Hi, I came across before a thread on Mudspike. It was Skatezilla and he was thinking of doing these 3 liveries. Which I think are absolutely spectacular! But I don't believe they were ever completed?
  12. I'm guessing nobody has found any new information?
  13. Am I going mad or was there at one time a desert skin version for the ZBD-04A? I don't think there was ever a green version of the ZTZ-96B? The HQ-7 comes with both and maybe this is where I am getting confused!
  14. +1 I would really like some Sunliners too
  15. Hi, I am trying to gather information for missions on realistic tanker altitudes that are used in real life. So far I have the A-10 for between 10, 000 - 15,000ft? at 220 kts. Does anyone have information for, USAF fast jet, F-15/F-16 etc? USN, F-14/F18? USMC, AV8B? NATO, M2000 etc? Russian aircraft?
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