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  1. And do you know how many degrees/millirads the ZSL is below the flight path vector? Or do you know how to get this info?
  2. Hi all, a quick question about manual bombing: with reticle value = 0, shouldn't the reticle position be aligned with horizon if flying level flight like in the picture? What is meant, otherwise, for the reticle value = 0. How is it calculated the starting position of the reticle? Thanks all
  3. Oh! Si può tornare a leggere il forum
  4. Un bel balzo nello sviluppo dei sistemi dell'Hornet. L'HMS, con gli ultimi due update, ha fatto passi da gigante...
  5. As in the title, new weapons released in DCS Open Beta GBU-32 GBU-31 V2 GBU-31 V4 are not listed in Encyclopedia under "Weapons" group
  6. E' accaduto anche a me questa mattina, ma si è risolto come hanno indicato gli altri, in modo veloce. Inizialmente ho pensato cosa mai potessi aver scritto per metitarmi un "ban permanente" :-)
  7. You can also designate a mark point using the HUD as Target Designator, but not useful for your use case. A work around could be to set a mark point in your current position and then enable course to have a rough direction where your wingman was downed. A least you'll have a rough direction along where to search for you SA and so on...
  8. You cannot connect to right basket unless left one is busy with someone else
  9. More details here, if you are interested F/A-18C - DCS World Wiki - Hoggitworld.com
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