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  1. There are a few addon payware planes for MSFS2004 that have this feature, and it does add alot more to the feeling of weight. I would love to see this in lockon.
  2. Does anyone else feel this way? To me it seems like it doesnt turn as fast as before, and stalls easier.
  3. This is absolutly fantastic news Olgerd. My only question is, have you optimized the game in any way for better framerates? Maybe we can run the game with scenes on high? Thank you so much for filling us in on the addon. :)
  4. Personaly I would really like them to put the option in that lets us have an english labled pit, especialy now that its going to have fully clickable buttons. One of the main reasons I havent gotten into the russian planes is because its so hard to learn them well when I dont speak or understand russian. Its going to be very hard to remember all the button settings and what they do without it being in english for me. I will still learn the ka50 if this isnt included but at great hassle. Please ed give us the option to learn it in english, so that later once I learn it I can turn it into russia
  5. I really hope so. The engine is fine the way it is except for one major part. The way that it handles objects is pretty bad. If you compare Microsoft flight sim with lock on there are huge differences of course, but if we look at the number of buildings it can show at nice frame rates and then compare that to the relatively small number that lock on can barely show its easy to come to the conclusion that lockons code has something lacking. Even adding a nother f15 to the scene reduces fps dramatically. What the buildings need is LODs. This game is awesome and I don’t want to sound like an
  6. I dont know if anyone has seen these before. I found them in a spanish forum and it apears to be the 3d model that will be in lockon. I have never seen a more detailed chopper in any game. Looks fantastic.
  7. I just wanted to let you guys know that I have completely solved the "vertical black lines" problem on my system. I updated to the newest ati drivers and then I turned anisotropic filtering to aplication preferance. Now when I enter a lock on mission all of those glitches are gone. Hope this helps some of you.
  8. Hey guys I just read the thread and im really interested in this, because I also get horrible virtical lines on mountains. How does one change the setting to non full screen mode? I have a radeon x800xt. thx
  9. Wow! Those new screens look fantastic! I really hope there is a low detail version of that truck untill we get close. Can we see more please? Absolutly awesome ED great work.
  10. This is easy to solve. When you center the trackir unit using F12, bring your head closer to the trackir unit. Then when you sit back in your chair the view will zoom out. Doing this will give you the prefect setup because when your sitting back in your chair the view will be very wide, and when you see that enemy bandit you move your head closer and you will be at the perfect zoom. Hope that helps.
  11. Yes its a good tweak to download. It really helps. If you dont want all the extra things like gud color and so on, just open the readme file and make the adjustments to the cfg files by hand.
  12. in case you didnt see my post at the lock on forums ill post it here also. I just wanna say that I ordered a trackIR4 tonight and am also very interested in what people had to say about this. Also I used this discount coupon when I bought mine tonight and I want to pass it on to you (I spent 15 minutes finding it for you lol). If you live in the USA you can get $30.00 off track ir 4 pro with this website. Heres the info. [/url] Merry Christmas. (It came to a grand total of $167.00 including shipping and sales tax.)
  13. Wow this looks absolutly fantastic! I see they are going to give us the feeling of a dynamic campain. I love the idea of clogged skys. Great work!
  14. Hi all, im new here but have been reading almost every topic. So I was looking through every page of this forum and noticed a few old topics about how people wanted lots of ground detail to be added, including infantry. We know this is impossible in the currant lock-on engine, as it does not support skeletal animation. Not to mention, that if they did add this, we would get about 2 fps.. So I got to thinking, how could they add platoons of people running around the battle field? How could they do that and have it seem almost real, with squads running between bunkers and taking cover? Bas
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