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  1. I'm lookingfor the list of the sound names for the SU27,the old Su27InEngineL(R) doesn't seem to really work anymore, but instead runs off of Su27FrontEngine(2) and some other unlabeled sound file names, Anyone have any ideas for these? I love the Hum of the startup but Hate how it gets quiet after the startup.
  2. I disabled them in the menue manager, it restarted and it was gone. However all the files are still there. I just got rid of 60 gigs now of aircraft I dont own.Pretty sure this isn't how it was intended to work.
  3. All of the Free aircraft I tried are still in my World/Mods/Aircraft even though I deleted them through the Manager a week ago, We're talking like 40 gigs here without any maps...Just a headsup.
  4. In all honesty, the rudder is very useless in jets cause its used so little. However for Warbirds and Helicopters its required, but you dont need the pedals for those either. Since the pedals have brakes, using the Right brake would be pretty hard for you, So I can only say that the pedals arnt really super required. and that if you just setup your brakes correct and adjust your twist enough. you can do everything with your hands. (I know this cause I dont have 150+$ to drop on Pedals)
  5. After the last patch (the big 5gb one) My fps jumped from 20-40 to 240. I was able to Increase the settings to the point where, when im in the air im rocking 70-120fps. 50fps on the ground. I rock AMD Fx6300 and a Asus R9 270x. and Im quite surprised and Very VERY happy. I was getting very tired of IL2:BOS.(thank you g2a) Now if only I can get the Bf109 K4 on sale from someone lol i missed all the sales because the game ran like poop on a good computer. Give the devs some time and be patient. wait till 2.0 and Performance should increase.
  6. Buy it off the website or off steam.
  7. Starting the P51 takes under 20 seconds, Just learn it its so easy.
  8. While the Success of those game's is great, It is however,Only Arcadic modes that succeed. WarThunder,World of Tanks and Armoured Warefare all Attempted a "Simulator" or "Realistic" game modes, However the bread and butter is the Arcade Modes. Just look at Red Orchastra 2 with their tank battles. While really fun, The Majority didnt like it. and in the end, The Majority gives them more money.
  9. Would be kinda cool if they can make engine's (jets,props and heli's) Behave better when damaged, kinda like having oil leak onto the window, Engines Surging or backfireing or having strange rattling and clanking noises from a damaged engine, Be kind of cool to hear a damged A10 fly in with a Surging engine hearing the constant bang of it. Or even made blowing an engine in a P51D even more hilarious by covering the windshield with oil and hav the engine shred apart, even make the prop come off. IL2's Damage model for example,makes me foam at the mouth, but everything else about teh
  10. Join anyone that you feel like! preferibly one with players. You wont crash anyone's party as most Private Rooms have passwords. Although some servers have passwords that make you go onto their website(safe) and register so they keep idiots out. No,TeamSpeak is not needed. It is nice to have (only if you all speak the same language) Yes! there is almost 99.9% of the time a Mission Briefing that explains, Who does what, Who goes there and who Doesnt do that and Doesnt go there. Example, Being a Uh-1Huey thats a 'Transport' for the transport missions doesnt mean I cant put door gunners on
  11. If I can recall, If you look down at the Armament Panel, above the Off-Safe-Armed switch. there hsould be a knob that say PVT-1-2-3-4 switch it to one, then back to PVT. should bring the menue back up.
  12. Yes, However if you have it at 60, and have it set to 120+ play for afew hours, then lock it to 60. You will notice the game feels...slower. Fps wise the game doesnt go faster,however the game will play faster.
  13. Now thats a book I can sink my teeth into! even if I cant read German X3 tho from what I can make is Fuel controls, Engine diagrams and Booster Diagrams? Cant wait for a translated version to tell me how wrong I am lol
  14. and why it took him over a year for a Community Moderator to to make a thread is what is concerning. Theirs Controversy regarding kickstarter and what is, and isnt affected since the trade off to ED is also Concerning. No official statement from the Devs about DCS:WW2 or DCS:Me-262. I can under stand wanting to brag about the spitfire as its near completetion, but its been over a year,soon to be 2 with nothing offical,
  15. Nope,Have you seen anything that it IS? Not even the Typical "Soon"tm
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