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  1. So I tried repair, no mods, deleting shaders, removing ajs37 from dcs installation via the game menu and re-downloading. I can get into F14/MiG21/A10 cockpit. Weirdly I flew viggen last Sunday and it was ok... Smaller log attached. That was in the log EDCORE: No suitable driver found to mount mods/aircraft/ajs37/cockpit/resources/model/textures VISUALIZER: ILV for cockpit 'AJS37cockpit' not found Edit: It appears it was one of the cartridge ini files that was the culprit - this is a bit weird as I didn't add any. Maybe one was added when I joined
  2. Have you checked Request Tracker (RT) https://bestpractical.com/ If not already there you can easily script tasks there. So it would not be too much work to push certain issues into your private tracker, either via REST interface or even just emailing from there to your jira to create a ticket there...
  3. Very barebones atm but that is to be expected. The concerning thing is that you can't force serverside to use ptt. Open mic is crazy...
  4. That's pretty similar but pretty much I was able to advance throttle to 100% (no WEP) within 1 sec while full right rudder, no flaps, no trim and take off easier than ever before :|
  5. That's the thing.. I didn't. Just full right rudder and when finally rudder has effect I ease up on it and can do slight corrections with stick, because I already have enough speed for that. Compared to the toebreaks where I was skidding all over the place. I'd expect to end up in the mud because of the torque if I did that in the real plane...
  6. After crashing and skidding all over the place on take off with the toe brake corrections method, I went awww f*** it and advanced throttle fast with full right rudder.. No trim, no flaps. I should be a hole in the ground but it was the easiest take off ever :| Not sure if that should happen.
  7. Why? Dora is a nickname that was always used since she went into service. Calling her D9 would feel very weird.
  8. Also seems the training missions are broken halfway through (at least gun+rockets I tested). "turn to waypoint 3" and then instruction does not resume :(
  9. Thanks for the info! I envy you a little that you can ignore the white boxes flashing. I did some updating of my own too. I took the plunge and did a clean install of DSC World 1.2.2 and downloaded and installed the A10 module for 1.2.2 Good things: Framerate still same as 1.2.0 and no white boxes. Also the flickering that was there before is gone now. It actually looks like it should look now. That's good stuff. Whatever devs did in the micro patch to fix framerate issues fixed the whitebox and flickering issue on 11.6 drivers! The bad: DRM. Seems re-installing DSC world seems to have
  10. Thanks for the update guys. I guess there is no fix (regardless of the party responsible) for my 6950... :(
  11. Hi, Is there any change with the newer drivers (<12.6) ? I am still on 11.6 drivers and 1.2.0 DSC world. I didn't test it but someone in this thread said disabling hdr helps, did it work for others? Thanks!
  12. newer drivers Hi, Anyone tried the drivers 12.1 - 12.4? Is there still the problem with white boxes?
  13. I filled this form a while back. I also posted on AMD forums...
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