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  1. Dont panic. They just have to change the board software ^^
  2. The stationary ZU-23 AAA is no big deal using guns. Short bursts from < 2.0nm will instantly kill em. I usually try to not get any closer than 1.5nm. Shilkas can be annoying. You can try to break radar locks using the jammer or use the terrain for cover. This will take them longer before they open fire on you. Anyway, guns against Shilka is trading risk for saving Mavs
  3. Yeah, same here. I usually hit the lead or anti air units first, which will block their path more or less and sometimes leave them in confusion for a short while :) If the column is no close range danger, I do a CCIP dive bomb heading head2head towards their movement direction
  4. Ah ok, I usually search and SPI a target using TGP, then switch to the MAV and let it slew onto SPI. It will then lock to the target if its close enough
  5. I read about this several times and just wondered, because I never actually do this. I just point the hotas/mav seeker onto the target and it locks automatically in most cases. Is this a bug, that was fixed in newer versions? (Still running
  6. Thanx, direkter Patch hat funktioniert! Leider ist die Hälfte meiner Tastenbelegungen wech, aber da kann ich mit leben :)
  7. Ok danke. Öhm geht das mit der (ich denke mal du meinst die Download Version), wenn man die Kaufhaus DVD Box Version hat?
  8. Moin! Irgendwie steig ich hier nicht durch. Ich will mein DCS A-10 auf patchen. Laut explorer ist meine Dateiversion Ich finde aber keinen Patch für die deutsche Version von auf Oder kann ich direkt auf ??? (Da steht "for only") :music_whistling:
  9. Maybe this is just a bug, which makes the missile recognize another missile as a regular radar-visible air object thus locking it in some cases
  10. Such a cool plane... I'd love to see a DCS F-14 / Desert Storm mod
  11. Two men in black knocked at the door and took the track with them
  12. Well, this is military grade techs. To some degree, it was designed that simple intentionally, to rule out problems which become more likely in a complex system. So what did you expect? Touchscreens and Windows like menus? The concept of MFD/OSB seems pretty oldschool, but it is also simple to learn, thus effective and scaleable per definition.
  13. Well, I personally think a modern jet would add more to combat sims than yet another WW2 bird. I love WW2 warbirds, no question. I virtually enjoyed every WW2 sim from European Air War to IL2 series, but its also just a lot of them out there. I personally would love to see a jet modelled, that has not so often been modelled in flightsim history before. Maybe a european jet like the Rafale, Typhoon or Tornado - Two-seaters in general would offer a lot of interesting possibilities.
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