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  1. Thanks everybody! I tried the above and it worked fine. Do canopy scratches affect the frame rate? I don't really want them in overcast skies. I wonder if they can be disabled and if it might boost the frame rate?
  2. If I set up a mission with overcast sky I notice as I gain altitude that some of the ground textures get blurry. If I pan around an external view, the ground seems blurry in certain areas but not in others. This only seems to happen in overcast conditions above a certain altitude. Anybody else seen this? Can it be fixed?
  3. RD

    Su-25T Mod

    I'm working on changing the night orange cockpit lights to a soft white that's easier on the eyes. But I need to find the file(s) that have the orange needles used at night on the dials. At the moment the dials are a nice white with orange needles that need to be toned down to look right. Does anyone either know the location or name of the file?
  4. My mistake. I didn't see that they were already there.
  5. Since the Su-25T that Georgia uses has english as the speech, I'd like to use one of the ED agressor skins (USAF) to replace the Georgian skin. How do I do this? I use Modman so much that I don't know how tmanually replace any skins. Thanks
  6. I agree. 100 km works best for me. I also have 1 gig.
  7. Are Omega drivers any better than the ATI 6.2 drivers? I'm going to udate my drivers to one of the above.
  8. Which ATI card to you have? I have a Radeon 9800XT.
  9. I'm using the 1.12a patch and twice so far I've kicked out to desktop with the error message: "ATI2dvag has stopped working normally". Does anyone know what this means? I'm using catalyst 5.2 drivers.
  10. After you changed the swap file setting, and if you have norton systemworks make sure LOMAC DIR is to be defragged at the beggining of the drive along with windows files (default). That helps alot, and LOMAC will crash less when it demands data that the system can provide in time. I'd like to try this, but I only see an option for Norton to put files first, not the whole program. How do you get Norton to defrag Lomac at the beginning of the drive?
  11. I hope they add something like this to the mission builder. It really needs it.
  12. Thanks. I'll skip trying to get this to work.
  13. Is it possible to create a mission, then fly one of the flights, save the game as a saved game state and open it in the mission editor and add flights? I was wondering if you could create a larger mission using saved game states. I tried a test where I flew part of a flight plan then saved it and opened it up in the mission editor, but it seemed to start at the beginning of the mission not at the place I saved it. I thought you could do something like this in the original Flanker. Is this possible?
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