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  1. When firing the grome on beam mode the missiles alway hit below the piper not sure if that's not a radar issue. I posted in the weapons section as well http://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=139865
  2. I noticed that the Mig-21 rear tires seem to be sunk in to the pavement and it makes the Mig-21 appear to be riding on its wheel rims.
  3. I have found that when firing the grome KH-66 that they are consistently hitting low from where the ASP pipper is located. This is new and has only been happening since the update to 1.2.15.
  4. Two times I peeled in on a heavily fortified target shooting S-24s and was shredded twice by Shilka fire, there was also enemy Destroyer's (SA- 8 )in the harbor who I am pretty sure sunk a few missles into my Mig 21 as it was being torn to shreds by the Shilkas. I took an SPS-141-100 and turned it on and dove in on the same target destroying it without even being touched. (I thought at first it was luck) but I did it multiple times. On the setup I had buttons 1, 2, 3, and 5 all flipped up 9 was down and 10 was in the middle position. (I think). Now do I think its functioning correctly? No (keep in mind I don't know how its suppose to work either). But I do believe it helps. and in my case it worked GREAT I have big plans for future missions. If I could figure out how it works then I will be come dangerous.
  5. Has anyone noticed the Gun Charges not resetting upon rearm on the Mig-21? I saw this happen multiple times on a multiplayer mission. :joystick:
  6. I am trying this fix that you recommended but Windows 8 will not allow me to save the Notepad in that folder it asks if I want to replace the file when I say yes it says Access Denied. There is no option to open it as admin. Not sure what to do any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. SU-25 and 1.2.9 update SU-25s S-8 40 rocket pods skins are corrupted since the 1.2.9 update
  8. I got on a server with another person who said they had yet to save their mission to it was still on version We did sling loads for almost 30 minutes without anyone having any issues. He then saved the same mission to and suddenly everyone started crashing because the loads were swinging excessively. I believe this may have something to do with the version... maybe a bug?
  9. Eno, We ran the mission tonight and I think Crowley made the vids posted below. I noticed you removed the enemy however we still had issues with crashing. Each time we lifed a load we would always crashed. I noticed the poping sound however the others indicated the load was thrashing wildly around my aircraft. I didn't make an sudden moves with the Aircraft so I don't know whats causing the wild load pendulum effect. http://www.twitch.tv/crow91tt/b/524646506 http://www.twitch.tv/crow91tt/b/524647670
  10. The 40 mm GL (genade launcher) was for the B,C, F, M, P models (Bell 204s). If mounted in the D or H Models (Bell 205) would throw the Center of Gravity too far forward. 40 MM Grenade Launcher on the nose was never put on the D or the H models. Or at least I have never seen it.
  11. When in a high descent from near 0 air speed keep your rate of descent at about 300 feet/min it's painfully slow but it helps you avoid the Vortex Ring State.
  12. Erk104


    Yes the Nose Bilsters were on all of our birds. Obviously an 80s upgrade. All of the DCS birds have the nose blisters modeled. We just need the RWR now... :thumbup:
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