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  1. In these depression tables, for the MK 82s I always use 30 degrees dive angle. Its the best ... Not too steep to allow for safe recovery after release but not too shallow and which allows for greater accuracy. As a rule I dive in from at least 10,000 feet AGL to give me time to prep for release. I know the ground altitude, I scan between Attitude, Airspeed, and Altitude. When I am to the release point I release... If I am a bit fast I put the pipper in front of target if I am too slow I put the pipper past the target. For the F5 if I if there is a limit on altitude such as cloud decks or possibly fighters where I need to go in low. I take Snake eyes or Rockets. But for accurate bombing with Mk82s above is how I have been doing it with 90% success.
  2. Attached is what I use... all the MK82s are reliable... The CBU52 Not sure about... The rest you can give them a shot see how they work for you.
  3. I took off with three 150 gallon tanks... I selected the pylons first when they emptied I got the caution light and confirmed that it was feeding from the internal tanks... I then turned off the pylon cleared the caution... then selected center and immediately the caution came on to indicate my centerline was empty... I never used the centerline until that instant. With the centerline tank still on it continued to feed from internal instead of refilling internal as I would expect. This is not functioning the way the manual says it should Page 93 of the Manual E x t e r n a l F u e l S e q u e n c i n g When external tanks are carried, use inboard tanks first, centerline tank next, and internal fuel last. NOTE: During ground operation , it is not recommended to transfer fuel from external tanks when fuel quantity in the left fuel system is 1700 pounds or more, or in the right system is 230 0 pounds or more. When inboard tanks are empty (indicated when EXT TANKS EMPTY caution light comes on), check fuel quantity indicator for a decrease in quantity to assure that inboard tanks are empty. To transfer centerline tank fuel, turn off PYLONS fuel transfer switch and turn on CL fuel transfer switch.
  4. I have confirmed that this is a bug... I took off with 3 tanks... I selected the pylons first when they expired I got the caution light and confirmed that it was feeding from the internal... Then turned off the pylon cleared the caution... then selected center and immediately the caution came on to indicate my centerline was empty... I never used the centerline until that instant. This is a bug. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?p=3214277#post3214277
  5. I have seen this happen too... I normally don't fly with 3 tanks because that's a lot of flight time. What I did was I turned on the Pylon tanks just after take off and left the Centerline off. I confirmed that the fuel was flowing from the pylon tanks because it replenished my internal fuel... then as my pylon tanks went empty my Caution light came on which I reset and turned off the Pylon tanks... Then I saw my fuel gage start to move indicating internal fuel was being used so I then turned on the Centerline... The fuel gage continued to move as if the Centerline tanks were empty... Its been some time ago but I will test this tonight.
  6. I posted this in bugs section... however I think this is where it belongs. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=190190
  7. Found your answer in chucks guide HOW TO FIND TARGET ALTITUDE IN RELATIONSHIP TO YOU Difference of Height (hundreds of ft) = Elevation Angle (deg) x Range (nm) Example: Target Range at 10 nm, spotted at 5 degUP H = 5 degx 10 nm = 50 x 100 ft= Target is 5000 ftabove you You probably won't see a fighter at 35 nm because the radar is not that capable. Best bet is inside 20 miles according to the chart below found on page 168 of the manual.
  8. Not sure that they felt that it needed more. With the weapons load out and time on station being a factor... one or two run ins with the F-5 I am sure that 15 flares and 30 chaff were plenty. I don't think that I have ran out of Flares very often in the F-5 most of the time its been when I was jumped by Fighters on the way back from a bombing run.
  9. Trimming the F-5 is pretty much a constant thing I can get mine pretty stable like Max explained I can walk away for a short time and come back but no more than 15 or 20 seconds. I get the pitch in the ball park then play with the throttle. Adding power to bring the nose up gradually and reducing power to bring the nose down. It s a gradual thing though using the tiny dial inside the big RPM dial to gage like 1-5% at a time. I try not to mess with the aileron trim normally its spot on at take off and every time I mess with it I can never get it back to what it was before. Sometimes if you do bump it you can get it centered close using just a touch of rudder trim along with aileron trim. That's the best I have been able to do.
  10. for me if I select the magic, magic is selected however if I unselect magic then its gun.
  11. In the manual it refers to the Emergency Horizon Switch which directly controls the Standby Attitude Indicator however in either place it does not mention the other. Since one is directly related to the other shouldn't it be mentioned, so we know the two are related? It makes sense now however while trying to make the Standby Attitude Indicator work I did a search for "Standby Attitude Indicator" and I was directed to Page 64 which tells me nothing about how to turn it on or activate it. Had I searched for "Emergency Horizon" I would have found it immediately. This is extremely minor however it would help if the two were noted in the manual. Great job on the M-2000C by the way its very good. M-2000C manual Page 23 66. Emergency Horizon Switch Activatesan emergency artificial horizon. Page 64 Standby Attitude Indicator The Standby attitude indicator is an independentinstrument that provides pitch and roll information in case of the main ADI failure 1. Aircraft symbol (adjustable). 2. OFF flag. 3. Roll angle indicator. 4. Cage/Aircraft symbol adjustment knob.
  12. Thank you Ramsay I will give that a try
  13. Just wondering if there was something wrong with it as it always shows the Off Flag for me. I saw in the Bugs section where the Altitude adjustment did something with it... however when I tried this in the game it didn't work. I was just curious if there was a work around to get it turned on? Thanks
  14. I have been away from the Mirage since the F5 come on scene. A few months ago I have came back to the M2000C. I am thoroughly impressed with the progress that has been made. I have immersed myself back into the manual to learn all the new things that wasn't there before. Radar is improved, the INS is awesome MRQ points, Offsets using the BAD functions, INS updates, Precision (using the term loosely) bombing using offset waypoints. WOW I have a new sim to sink some time in. Thanks to Razbam for doing such a good job on it.
  15. This by no means does this mean this is a bug... however other Modules in DCS do refuel the empty tanks. I personally will jettison them because it takes longer to fill them on refueling and I am always anxious to get back in the action... However I understand not wanting to litter up our nice desert community as well... Consideration should be made into recycling the external tanks hanging from the wing. Certainly in RL they don't make them jettison them on the tarmac to get a new tank filled. I mean we have seat belt limits to our head movements... why not have the ability to refill external tanks? My opinion only.
  16. Back in the day, when the pilots were planning the mission they will use visual references that can't be missed... a Bridge, a Fork in the river, major road junctions. So when they start they can pick up a heading and fly that heading for a determined period of time and start looking for the land mark. Over water or in a desert the only way is by Tacan radial and dme readings. So Tacan 12 on 240 radial at 25 miles would be the way point.
  17. I have witnessed this every time I create a mark point on the F10 map the server on which I made the mark point crashes. This happens on the Alpha maps only.
  18. Play on severs that allow friendly fog of war. Visual ID is the only way to iff interrogate on the 104th in the F5. Or use the F5 as ground attack and leave the a/a stuff to the planes with the good equipment.
  19. I agree with Figaro9. The Trim tab there so that back pressure does not have to be held by the pilot. If you are empty and no ordinance or tanks... you should only trim a little like 4 or 5 and that may be too much. There are recommendations that I have attached from the manual however my trim settings are lower than what this recommends. I like to put a little back pressure on the stick to pull the nose up when I take off. For landing I always set the trim to 5 and that usually puts me at just the right angle of attack for the approach with just a bit of nose down pressure until the moment of touch down then I flatten the decent and flare. Hope this helps.
  20. Not sure its only a Belsimtek issue. I have seen it in the FC3 aircraft as well. It may be an ED modification that is way overdone.
  21. I was in flying this past weekend and noticed that the Tacan is now working again.
  22. Erk104

    Missiles range

    When I was learning I first learned Missile defense how to defend against R-27s particularly. That helped me. A Enemy was firing 1 to 2 missiles at me and killing me. Now he is firing 4 or 5 missiles because I am able to turn Notch or run from his missile then return to the fight. High altitude is a good place to start... But I like being in the weeds. I have to check for ticks when coming back from a flight.
  23. That worked, Thank you very much for the clarification.
  24. So the plane has to be in the air? because I have tried to make modifications in Multiplayer sitting on the ramp and when I click OK nothing happenes... nothing saves and the Adjust controls screen is still up the only button that seems to work is CANCEL.
  25. I recently got a Thrustmaster pedals and when I go in to each aircraft to map them it works just fine. However when I try to map them in M2000C I click ok afterwards and the screen goes black the program freezes and I have to kill the program to get out and it doesn't save my changes. So I then go in to MP to set my pedals up. I click on adjust controls and proceed to the axis menu and set up my rudder when I click Ok Nothing happens the adjust controls stays and it will not take the OK selection. I previously had a Logitech G25 racing wheel that I was using the pedals as rudders. Any help to get this straightened out would be appreciated. I miss flying my Mirage.
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