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  1. About time the Apache got some DCS level loving!! I know it's been done to death with the Gunship series, etc. But that is well out of date!! Can't wait to get hold of this
  2. I have it at 1920x1440 for now, and get 40fps solid with my system. I have OTT using PD 1.4 and ASW at 45hz. I’m still tweaking a bit, but when I find the settings I’m happy with overall I’ll post them. Essentially using VR default settings but textures high and trees 80% Trying out different suggested settings for nvidia cp as well Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Just getting to grips with new Oculus Rift S Does the DCS in-game resolution setting have any difference? I see people suggesting 1920x1200 but I find any setting makes no noticible difference to the image, even lowest.
  4. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can share their experience of VR with a set up like mine, with i7-9700K and GTX1080 (see sig for full specs). Particularly interested to hear from Oculus Rift S users. Thanks in advance
  5. Like the engine de-throttle "whine" sound that's been added, even though not on the changelog. I saw from a Razbam update the other week they were adding it, WIP at the mo. I noticed it only seems noticable inside cockpit, with canopy shut. I also notice shutting down engine seems to happen a lot quicker going from idle to off. All part of the WIP I wonder? Having watched Harrier displays in the UK for years, the best part was the "whine" after touchdown and I'd love to recreate that in DCS!!
  6. Since going to a SoundblasterX G1 USB headphone adapter (after my 3.5mm connector died) I can't switch audio in game. I could when when using the 3.5mm jack. Now have to select audio devices from options at main menu.
  7. My Win 8 was OEM, supplied with computer when I bought it. As I never bothered with free upgrade offer, it was still ok to use for Win 10 Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. Gonna get fixed, right? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Hi folks, just to say I was able to use my Win 8.1 product key with a fresh Win 10 install, using the media creator to make an install flash USB drive and entering in the key when asked. All good here.
  10. Thanks Bearskin, your advice really helped, especially RAM and board choice. Went with the Aorus Pro to save a few quid. I hope I don't miss those H/T cores :)
  11. I like this mission, very nice indeed. Only trouble for me, attacking the launchers CCIP they don't appear visible until right on top of them.
  12. Correct, staging the upgrade process. The 1080 still very capable, and with my G-sync 100Hz monitor I don't need more than 100fps right now. Hoping to go VR in the future, pretty sure I'll need something better then. The H60 seems to be doing a good job on the 9700K, 27degC idle, 37degC DCS from what I can see.
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