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  1. I ended up moving it to another parking spot and now it'll move. Put it back and it still moves. I have no idea why but thanks for all the ideas!
  2. I've been playing with the MiG-21 to learn the systems and I on this one instance, have the jet started, loaded, and I push the throttle forward but it won't move. I can go full AB but nothing? Is thius a bug? I haven't had this happen before . . .
  3. I had asked about this in another thread but I'll put crash log here . . . dcs.log-20200422-034844.zip dcs.log-20200421-050938.zip
  4. I've had several crashes while landing on a public server and can't select any of the options to send the crash log. Are they needed for this problem? and if so do you want them posted here?
  5. I wasn't able to click on the window to send the crash log so I attached it here. If there is another place to send it please let me know. For some reason I can't open the zip file so hopefully it's not corrupt . . . dcs.log-20200418-170310.zip
  6. Setting the "Messages font scale" in system settings to 2 does nothing for my chat text size? I was using the mod but that stopped working when they added this option. Is there another way to change it?
  7. I couldn’t agree more, hopefully they change the export name to match the aircraft.
  8. OK, went into a mission and it didn't work again but I figured out what's going on. I've been using the switch in the cockpit but I also use a touch screen with Capt Zeen's profile. The touchscreen switch doesn't turn it on . . .
  9. Really confused, now it's working. I've used it several times in the open beta prior to today but I couldn't get it to work all day. To answer your question, I did have it "ON" and STBY", it just never appeared in the TAC page. I did forget to mention that I tried it in the stable version and it appeared in the TAC page but only in the "ON" position, not "STBY". I guess I won't complain, thanks for the quick reply . . .
  10. I can't seem to figure why the OSB 6 is in the TAC page is blank when I load the AN/AAQ-28?
  11. I wouldn't hold my breath for a fix, the F/A-18 exports are thick and blurry. They haven't done anything to fix those that I'm aware of. The line thickness can be edited but they also change the main screen thickness (or so it appears). I have a difficult time seeing the HUD depending on the position of the sun. At least the F-16 exports are legible, just not very bright. It may have to do with the resolution as well. My main screen id a 2160 while the touch screen is a 1080? The AMPCD still looks terrible in the export but I got tired of playing withe .lua file . . .
  12. It’s been a long time since I sat in the Link Simulator AND it was a block 25 so this might need verification. On page 43 “Master Mode”, I believe a second press of the same mode button will take you to NAV mode, not to the previous mode. On page 58, first paragraph last word HIS should be HSI.
  13. I've tried using "Open Beta and Custom but I still cannot click on Modify and I do run it as admin. The install location id the default on the "C" drive. I might have missed something along the way, over 130 pages and my eyes are old . . . Any help would be appreciated. UPDATE: The last thing I did was change back to Openbeta in the preferences and closed KBB and reopened it and now it worked . . .
  14. Threat Warning Seems like something may have changed as I now just see two green lines through the RWR viewport. The RWR in the cockpit looks normal with just the N.
  15. The microstick has an issue with drift. I use the warthog stick so I bought the T.U.S.B.A R2 USB adapter to be able to use the Cougar throttle. It has a better calibration routine and allows for adjustment of the dead zone too.
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