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  1. Callsign <64>Rage Aircraft Mig21 Supercarrier Yes
  2. Thanks guys, fun event!
  3. I can only agree, switching from 6800xt to 3080ti myself.
  4. 4 matches being streamed live this weekend. Today 1900z TORO vs BRAVO - Deliverator with Titanfire Saturday 1900z MCPV vs No15 - TitanFire Sunday 1900z Ala15 vs SF - Maverick Sunday 1900z Bravo vs D3W - HerraMisi Tune in and enjoy the show!
  5. Well, we cant please everyone, but its nice to see everyone, even non participants, supporting the streams!
  6. Today's match 104th vs GR will be streamed by: https://www.twitch.tv/lowblowttv at 1900z Tune in, should be a good one!
  7. I got drastically better frametimes and smoothness going from a 6800xt to a 3080ti. Frametimes dropped from 25-26ms to 17-18ms in my various DCS benchmarks. Only downside is you get better (more visible) aircraft smoke/exhaust effects with AMD cards.
  8. Thank you. Sorted. Why on earth round they hide it away like that?
  9. Hi. I have a Reverb G2, Nvidia 3080ti, 8600K@5ghz. Im getting reasonable frames at 50-60fps with frametimes ~17-18ms. Id like to force reprojection on to get a stable 45 but no matter what option I choose in the application specific settings for DCS in Steam VR the FPS is always fluctuating. Im using FPSVR to monitor. Any Ideas?
  10. Rage F14 - pilot (X-man RIO)
  11. Hi all, Titanfire will be streaming the PG92 event today! Show starts in just under an hour.
  12. Today's match live now! 343 vs 14th hosted by https://www.twitch.tv/titanfire_ Sunday 1700z No15 vs OH also hosted by 1900z TAW vs Harpia hosted by https://www.twitch.tv/lowblowttv Enjoy the show!
  13. Streaming now! SF Squadron vs Lock on Greece 1800z Streamed by LowBlow/Tempest https://www.twitch.tv/lowblowttv Enjoy the show!
  14. Just received my CM3. It seems the the axis assignments are saved after DCS is quit and reloaded but not the buttons. Ive installed the VPC software. Why?
  15. Tact 21-1 Day 2 starts in just under an hour from now. 104th vs TFS 81 1900z streamed by HerraMisi https://www.twitch.tv/herramisi Enjoy the show!
  16. Tact 21-1 Day 1 starts in just over an hour from now. 64th vs oTp 1900z Streamed by LowBlow https://www.twitch.tv/lowblowttv ETF vs Alamo 1900z streamed by Tricker https://www.twitch.tv/tricky_tricker Enjoy the show!
  17. Hey everyone The tournament is approaching rapidly and we’re nearing the first matches. I want to clarify a few things. We’ve now got several streamers on board that will live stream as many matches as possible. It’s recommended that you fly your match on the scheduled time in order for it to be streamed. Rescheduling is allowed, but should you decide to do that, it’s important to include the streamer in that process. The assigned streamer(s) for your match are listed in the streaming schedule on the ED post. Try to find a new time that suits both teams and the assigned streamer. Should the streamer be unavailable on the new time, you must still inform him and the TACT admins. And remember, joining the **Gamemaster** slots during the fight is prohibited and grounds for disqualification if done. Those slots are solely meant for the streamers/TACT Admin to use. When shot down please disconnect. The elimination format and schedule has been posted to the ED thread: https://forums.eagle.ru/topic/266077-tact-21-1-tactical-air-combat-tournament/?do=findComment&comment=4603072 Several of you have brought up questions regarding the rule “Known DCS bugs and exploits must not be used to gain an advantage”. However, that does not mean *everything else* is allowed. The reason for the vague rule is that we cannot know everything in advance and should a clear, unsportsmanlike behavior be detected, it is grounds for disqualification. These things can be hard to define exactly but most of us recognize severe and deliberate exploitation when we see it. **Due to the uneven modeling of ECM between modules, we’ve decided to prohibit the use of any ECM for TACT 21-1. Some modules are affected and some aren’t yet.** **Use of 16 or 32 second memory in the F/A-18 attack radar is prohibited** **Use of “target size - small” on the F-14 is prohibited** **We highly discourage you from launching Aim-54s in active mode BEYOND 10 nm; ACM Switch up / PH-ACT / PSTT lock or PAL, as these launches have been prone to desync** We recognize that there’s multiple accounts on the F-14 issues and realise that enforcing the above rules is difficult, especially with how fragile client tracks are. If there are instances of 54 desync it is likely you will forfeit that round. We can provide servers for the match times listed. I will set them up and make them available to the teams that want to use them. Feel free to use your own servers as well, if it suits you better.
  18. Does motion smoothing still not work on AMD GPUs?
  19. *Rage*

    DCS MiG-29A

    I agree. I love the 3rd gen cold war stuff. I'm just saying between a block 15 and block 50 or a Su27s and a Su35s I know which is the more appealing to the greater audience and ergo the development time. I'm under no doubt that if, if, ED could model a Mig35 over a Mig29A they absolutely would.
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