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  1. It says I am not allowed to use ///Rage. Special characters not allowed?
  2. Hi Since the new forum software update I couldnt log in. I can now but my name has spouted a bunch of numbers after it Can it be returned to "Rage" Thank you.
  3. Is there much of a difference between 3080 and the 3090 for DCS?
  4. Id take that information posted with a pinch of salt.
  5. Where are you getting these results? If its your own testing can you post more detailed benchmark?
  6. We've been told to expect a shipping announcement tomorrow for the UK.
  7. Are you arguing that turning ecm OFF (not on) should 100% kill a missile within pitbull range? Because that is what is happening now in DCS. Even if its not targeted at you. For some reason turning ecm off functions like an emp charge. Its a bug.
  8. We'll try and join tonight Are you aware of the bug where turning OFF ecm will instantly trash a missile thats within pitbull distances?
  9. Just to clarify: Red has 21 Fighters Blue has 27 Fighters (22 if you exclude F14s) But Red has 2 lives whereas Blue has 1?
  10. Thanks for the time change to 20z. The next F14 update is due on the 18th Nov so its unlikely that the 54 issues will be resolved before the event.
  11. Any chance the time can be moved to 20z?
  12. Now that daylight savings time is ended is the event still being run at 1900z? Many of the EU guys may not make it that early especially if briefing starts an hour before.
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