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  1. 64th and associates Aircraft: Mig21, F5, Viggen Maps: Caucasus and Marianas
  2. I had the same exact experience almost. Sadly Nvidia is far ahead in DCS VR.
  3. I had the same experience going from a 6900xt to a 3080ti with a reverb G2. Barring smoke trails, which are much more visible with AMD cards, the experience is much much better with a 3080ti
  4. Callsign <64>Rage Aircraft Mig21 Supercarrier Yes
  5. Thanks guys, fun event!
  6. I can only agree, switching from 6800xt to 3080ti myself.
  7. 4 matches being streamed live this weekend. Today 1900z TORO vs BRAVO - Deliverator with Titanfire Saturday 1900z MCPV vs No15 - TitanFire Sunday 1900z Ala15 vs SF - Maverick Sunday 1900z Bravo vs D3W - HerraMisi Tune in and enjoy the show!
  8. Well, we cant please everyone, but its nice to see everyone, even non participants, supporting the streams!
  9. Today's match 104th vs GR will be streamed by: https://www.twitch.tv/lowblowttv at 1900z Tune in, should be a good one!
  10. I got drastically better frametimes and smoothness going from a 6800xt to a 3080ti. Frametimes dropped from 25-26ms to 17-18ms in my various DCS benchmarks. Only downside is you get better (more visible) aircraft smoke/exhaust effects with AMD cards.
  11. Thank you. Sorted. Why on earth round they hide it away like that?
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