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  1. Sorry you didn't get it to work Renato. I'm not sure what you were trying to achieve with LUA.
  2. "A dingo's got me baby!" :music_whistling:
  3. Hey Ranato, some ideas below. Bare in mind, I haven't touched lockon or lockon stats for years. I did re-upload the http://www.lomac-stats.com website for you to see. 1. if($victim == 'S-300PS 5P85D ln') { $victim_dirty = $victim; } else { $victim_dirty = ereg_replace("\(.*\)", "", $victim); } $victim_pristine = str_replace("-","_",$victim_dirty); Those are unix timestamps. Here is a sample conversion: $unixtime = '1222611216' $time = gmdate("Y-m-d H:i:s", $unixtime); echo $time; 2. From memory, only landing is recorded. This makes it impossible to calculate flight time u
  4. Wow this campaign model sounds similar to the one i developed for Lockon with LODC. Wags do you plan to allow the mission to finish on objective completion rather than simply time? This would be helpful in MP campaign setup.
  5. Hey All, Since Lockon represents the bulk of the touch-buddy users, just wanted to give you an update on the server migration issue. Its a bit of a long and boring story. From a hardware firewall dying to cisco sending out an incorrect power cable and other little bizarre problems. Once the new cable arrives today, it will be a matter of re-configuring the firewall and we'll then be good to go. Thanks to our users for being patient. Dodger
  6. S77th used to fly a great BVR mission in SU33 vs F-14 with Phoenix missiles. The best way to beat that phoenix was to beam, then turn towards the missile when the tews started counting down to impact. The turn towards the missile was always at the best turn speed which was relatively slow.
  7. Nice stats Torwak. What language did you write it in?
  8. Join the S77th. They have some outstanding carrier landing tutorials which helped me heaps.
  9. Strap that to one of those remote control turbines...
  10. Nice one Yoda - rep inbound for sharing - sadly such sharing is not commonplace these days.
  11. Your system sounds good. Do you plan to make the mission victory parameters configurable via a GUI or is text file only? Also, will this be an RvE exclusive, or will it be available to the community?
  12. Fingers crossed on some improvements. Editor created mission objectives are only logged at the end of the mission rather than when the objective is complete. With the mission rotator / campaign code I wrote, the objectives were based on a2a or a2g kills (quantity) only. Goya and I did a bunch of testing for mission objectives but sadly it was fruitless.
  13. What would be nice would be for mission objectives (set in mission editor) to be logged when they are achieved. Goya and I have harped on about this in the past. It would allow a much more effective pseudo-dynamic mission rotator. Does anybody know if BS brings changes to the MPlog.txt?
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