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  1. ** SOLD ** I have ceased flight operations so it is time to find a new home for my flight gear. Used in a non-smoking environment, no modifications. $330 includes shipping via FedEx Ground in the original box within the US. Happy to discuss other shipping options. Payment via PayPal is preferred. - Seven49
  2. Hi, I have been debating going multi-monitor with some existing gear I have at the house. I have been reading the threads on other setups but am not sure if this will work and if it is worth the effort. I need to use what is laying around as I bought a Warthog HOTAS, rudder pedals, and a TrackIR in the past week and have no budget for more video cards and new monitors. :) I currently fly with my 27" primary monitor (1920x1200), but I have two 19" (1280x1024) panels sitting unused and I was thinking of adding one to each side of the 27" giving me a total screen width of 4480. I think I would put the iControl panels in a corner of one of the 19's. Not the greatest setup but since they are just sitting here I thought I would press them into service and get a more panoramic view. Before I start in on the project, the question for the forum is will I be able to push a reasonable frame rate of ~30 fps if I am driving all of this with a single ATI 6950 2GB card? The rest of the system is a i7 860 OC'd to 3.8Ghz with 8GB of RAM. Thanks. Seven49
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