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  1. To be clear, I'm not saying or claiming that there hasn't been progress, but problems with the TDC axis control, via "Controller Axis" and as of late "Keyboard Commands" have been known for some time and persist as of this posting.
  2. I keep going back after updates to see if it's any better. It's not.
  3. Too many Show stopping bugs for me. I've been flying DCS products since before the A10C Warthog and I own/fly all the A/C and Terrain Modules. The Harrier is by far my favorite to fly, but I haven't for months. As I said, too many show stopping bugs as of this post.
  4. So 82H is for "High Drag" (Ballute will deploy), 82L "Low Drag" (NO ballute deployment).
  5. Bug reports go in the Forums
  6. Well.... There is definitely more than one way to skin the proverbial cat with TARGET SE. The one your choosing has advantages, but I'm not going into that here. So, building on what we already have. You need another Function to set an additional trimmer value. You need to add an additional function call. In the function HatSwitchUP() you need to redo the checks. When the original options were values 1 and 3 we only had to check for whether trimmer was ">" or "<" 2. That's a problem that could be solved with a check to see if the value was between two values, b
  7. OK.... I'm not sure I understand what you want to achieve. I rewrote your .tmc code to include a function that does most of the heavy lifting. TrimTEST.tmc include "target.tmh" include "Test.tmh" //program startup int main() { if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1; // declare the event handler, return on error SetShiftButton(&JoystickF18, S4, 0, 0, 0, 0); MapKey(&Throttle,EORIGN, SEQ( EXEC("TrimON();"), EXEC("TrimOFF();") ) ); MapKeyIO(&JoystickF18,H1U, DX1, EXEC("HatSwitchUP();")); MapKeyR(&JoystickF18,H1U
  8. Fixed. Tested and works. TEMPO command on TG1 will produce a PULSE of DX1 on long hold (500ms). Pull through to TG2 will produce a held command of DX2 as long as you hold TG2. TriggerSplit.tmh int Trigger1() { if(Joystick[TG2]) ActKey(PULSE + 0); else if(Joystick[TG1]) ActKey(PULSE + KEYON + DX1); } int Trigger2() { if(Joystick[TG2]) ActKey(KEYON + DX2); } Split Trigger.tmc include "target.tmh" include "TriggerSplit.tmh" //program startup int main() { if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1; // declare the event handler, return on error
  9. Bad cut n paste job Go here for working example.
  10. Yes. This still and issue 2.6.59625 Before I started with DMT off. SSS Forward for INS Mode. Use Slew TDC to get Diamond on HUD. NOW- Start with DMT off. SSS Forward for INS Mode. Use TDC to slew, NO Diamond on HUD. Turned DMT ON. SSS Aft twice for DMT TV Mode. Use TDC to slew, as screwed up as that is, there is a box in the HUD. Turn DMT OFF. SSS Forward for INS Mode. Diamond appears in HUD right away and slews ass described in OP TDC Axis INS FUBAR II.trk
  11. Obviously I screwed up my .trk file. Please mark this appropriately and I'll resubmit when I get DCS installed. Sorry for the mix up.
  12. Start mission as normal. Go through your process of entering coordinates. Once you think you've demonstrated the issue, QUIT mission. At the Debrief Screen choose "Save Replay" (Or something like that. I don't have DCS installed roght now to check). Name file as you like and it will be saved in "Saved Games > DCS or DCS Beta > Tracks" You can just drag the file into your post (Look for the paperclip). Also make sure your opening vanilla DCS(No MODS).
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