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  1. I've been trying to get the AI to use the BK90 in the mission editor, and have found that they won't take advantage of the pattern settings for size and shape of the target. Can we get a mission editor setting for Compact, Wide, or Long when setting up a strike? As well as target QFE?
  2. That's what I thought. You have to forgive my pessimistic leanings. I follow "O'Toole's Law"- Murphy was an optimist.
  3. I'm thinking more of a North South thing. Do we have any Maps South of equator?
  4. So I guess a Falklands adventure is out of the question.
  5. Please post the mission file. I've been working with AI BK90 Ground Attack on NTTR and have seen some weird behavior that goes away with adjustment in AI altitude AGL and release point distance to target.
  6. It might be that your virtual joystick is blocking your mouse from being reported as a mouse. What software are you using for the virtual mouse?
  7. I thought those earlier ones were great. Looking forward to more DCS content.
  8. Copy that Machalot. I read that control mapping was on a list of priorities for the Viggen. hope t it gets sorted soon.
  9. Have you tried “Axis Tuning’ in the controls page?
  10. So my experience so far with RB-40E (for AI), is that the AI need to be pretty high (400m ASL) to get all their missiles off before they close the distance and get frazzled(they star trying to make repeated runs but never shoot). Haven't had any luck with the BK90 pattern modes(Wide, Long, or Compact). I've tried several different scenarios. CAS with search and engage group, Ground Attack(Bombing. Auto weapon select, Auto release Ground Attack(Bombing, Cruise-missile, One release Ground Attack(Bombing, Cruise-missile, One release, Attack From 180 No joy on any pattern selection. All the above test were on a long road bound convoy. all test that achieved a launch impacted with the default square pattern.
  11. Well slap me and call me Mary. That worked a treat. Thanks. I was tearing what's left of my hair out.
  12. OK I'll try that. I got a long convoy on a road, a small group at a cross roads, and I'll setup a wide line of defense along a river. We'll see what happens. All I see in the editor is "AJS37" for air groups. Am I missing something?
  13. Anyone get the AI to perfom a successful Rb 04 Anti Ship Strike?
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