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  1. Lange_666, I recently found my macro generator was assigning defines of WIN key modifiers to default USB scan codes as "L_WIN". Deleting all WIN key references in macro file got rid of "Define Stack Error".
  2. Don't know what it was, but redoing it seemed to work. Found that automated Macro File Generator was placing "L_WIN + " as a modifier. That was breaking any USB[0x] commands.
  3. Contact Thrustmaster about getting a replacement main board. It'll probably cost a bit. Check to see if electronics are covered on your home owners policy. Check this out: http://ts.thrustmaster.com/faqs/eng/thr_eng_00140.pdf
  4. How many waypoints can the Harrier take in a mission?
  5. Anyone know what causes a Define stack full error in the compiler? I got this "Compile Error define stack full in TD_Functions.tmh at line 255", and I have no idea why. [color=#1e90ff][b]int[/b][/color] Cat_Hookup() { [color=#1e90ff][b]if[/b][/color] (Bar_Down >[color=#ffffff]0[/color]) { ActKey[color=#ffffff]([/color]PULSE + KEYON + Catapult_Hook_Up); <- [u][b][i]This is line 255[/i][/b][/u] Bar_Down = [color=#ffffff]0[/color]; } [color=#1e90ff][b]else[/b][/color] [color=#1e90ff][b]if[/b][/color] (Bar_Down < [color=#ffffff]1[/color]) { ActKey[color=#ffffff]([/color]PULSE
  6. It could be a Keyboard Rate issue. The encoders are pressing and releasing the keys to fast. I've seen that with some button presses on the Hornet a few updates back, but it's fixed now. Are you using any Virpil software to program keys or buttons. I use TARGET with my Warthog and I can set a custom "KB Rate". I had to do that to fix the a fore mentioned Hornet issue.
  7. Can we get the ability to hide warning lights on either side of the UFC? This request falls along the lines of hiding the stick, throttle, and pilot when we get that.
  8. Anyone done a progressive output on a button press? I want a key press sent on a held button press that gets progressively faster the longer it’s held. Like adjusting the time on an old digital clock. I like this for flipping through kneeboard pages
  9. I have issue with crashing on startup. Latest version Running as admin, and turned off anti virus. What else can I try?
  10. Yes, I disabled mouse and hand controllers in DCS Settings. Comms is navigated by looking at selection and left clicking. I don't want to use the mouse in VR. I wanted a way to make interaction with cockpit as seamless as possible, and trying to manipulate a thing on a thing, was not really going to make life easier. On the WartHog you can easily turn the mini stick into a 4-way hat that will do the same thing, but I like that for TDC and such. Thanks, If anyone wants more info send me a PM.
  11. Check this Not exactly pretty, but it works.
  12. Make "De-coupling" an option. I like love the coupled mouse cursor. I made a little, four button control pad I attached to my throttle. Right, Left, and scroll Forward/Back mouse buttons. Works like a charm, and I can't play VR without it. "Quality of Life" changes should include more options for the player.
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