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  1. (On a very quick, completely separate note: look how much the pilot adjusts trim during landing. Same is true of many/most/all real world aircraft I think but I'm often guilty of not doing it myself in DCS)
  2. I wouldn't pay much attention to the wind vane while in hover (in fact I think we are actively advised not to chase the vane). Once you've determined the basic wind direction (mission briefing or in-cockpit aids) while on the ground and pointed the nose in the appropriate general direction think no more about it.
  3. Is there any word on whether the 'GeneratorF' F10 map bug is known about and on a radar to be looked into? (Surprised if it hasn't been mentioned before but I haven't found anything in the forums) What I'm referring to is this: In multiplayer (only?) when using CTLD to spawn 'crates' (represented in game by a "GeneratorF" object) on many/most occasions the "GeneratorF" map icon becomes permanently 'stuck' to a specific position on the F10 map view. When moving and zooming the map the GeneratorF icon remains fixed at the same position on the screen. Stuck to the glass! :) Attached is a
  4. DayGlow I agree with your confusion regarding trim. I know nothing about the real world procedures or handling of this aircraft but it's perhaps possible the instruction to trim "down" is a mistake or misinterpretation. But even then, trimming "back" by a full 2 degrees, in my short experience, would seem excessive. What has worked for me is to trim back by just a couple of 'clicks' of the trim hat. (If you make the input visualisation box - whatever it is called - visible then I trim to put the little white diamond just below the centre line so the tip of the diamond touches the line, or th
  5. Its not a problem for everyone but I doubt I was alone (esspecially among fellow rotorheads) in having a little difficulty with brain-to-hand coordination for throttle control in a hover (jetbourne flight). It is just so ingrained and natural to pull 'up' (back on the throttle) to go up, as is the case in a helicopter; but not the case here in the Harrier. So, I just wanted to share a very quick tip that has helped me focus my mind in the right way. It is simply this: Consider your throttle hand as being pressed palm-down against the floor, as if doing a push-up or handstand. Now it be
  6. I've only just bought the lovely Harrier (partly due to nostalgia for the original "Harrier Attack" from the 'good old days'), but I agree with Yip-Yip and Swiftwin9s: it does not seem possible to assign controls to MFD input devices. For me, within the Adjust Controls screen these devices are 'greyed out' and do not allow any (re-)assignment. Instead they are pre-configured with the appropriate assignment/mapping to the in-cockpit MFD controls. Not a huge problem for me (and most people probably) but it's definitely a shame it has been restricted like this, and arguably not a correct/
  7. Thanks, that's an excellent option! So to disable the MP track recording: Edit file (create if necessary): C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS\Config\autoexec.cfg [*]Add to end of file: disable_write_track = true
  8. UPDATE: As an alternative (or in addition) to the following, we can simply disable the recording of multiplayer tracks (the files still get created but are mostly negligible in size, due to not containing any 'history' of what actually happened). See post 5 below. First off, for anyone who doesn't already know, while playing in DCS Multiplayer online it records a 'track' of every session. These files are save somewhere within your Windows user profile directory (E.g. "C:\Users\<username>\Saved Games\DCS<.openbeta>\Tracks\Multiplayer") Even over a short time these files can ea
  9. The lighting (among other things) has got a lot better in the new completely recreated cockpit (currently available in the 2.5.6. BETA version of DCS World). If you're planning on spending any significant time in the Shark during the next weeks/months then I can highly recommend trying out the BETA version. As far as I understand there are no issues in 'upgrading' to the 2.5.6 BETA version of DCS World and then reverting back to the stable version again if you so wish. (E.g. Configuration and settings are not lost.) I can't seem to find it right now but there's a thread somewher
  10. Ah right, well that's a separate issue. I'd recommend starting a new thread for that and see if anyone comes along with any advice.
  11. @Super18 - Don't worry you are fine. What is being talked about here is when people bought the original "Black Shark" (which was a completely standalone game, nothing to do with the "DCS World" we now live in) and then upgraded to "Black Shark 2" and are now trying to 'convert' this combination of "BS1+BS2Upgrade" into a license for the full single "DCS: Black Shark 2" module within DCS World. From what you say, you bought the 'full' version of "DCS: Black Shark 2" straight up within DCS World. So this topic of transferring/converting/migrating licenses doesn't affect you.
  12. Here are a couple of kneeboard pages I find useful as a reminder for a few things in the Black Shark (DataLink setup, Radio channel freqs, Weapon station configuration). Numbers [1] to [5] on the DataLink sheet are the initial setup of the DataLink system (switches that need to be on). Remember, [3] and [4] must be configured so that all members of the DataLink group have a unique ID only one member is the "COM". [6] to [12] are an example of creating a target point and sharing with DataLink partners. Let me know if you spot any mistakes or have any suggestions. There are several w
  13. At the risk of hijacking my own thread... @jlummel - It may be worth approaching ED Support about your 'spare' products. Of course, I'm quite sure they are under no obligation to do anything all about it, but perhaps there is a small chance they could do something as a goodwill gesture. Especially if you have a lot of modules in your account. (Transfer to another account? Conversion to 'ED miles'?) As they say: You don't get if you don't ask. Which reminds me, now you mention it, I've got an accidental double purchase of the Nevada terrain from several years ago.
  14. Thank you sir. I've fired off a ticket and yes it seems you are quite right, in the section of the 'New ticket wizard' for specifically addressing this issue ("Replacement of BS2 upgrade key to BS2 full version") they state the following: (...and of course you'll also need to provide your BS2 upgrade serial key) Surely I must be about the last one through the door on this now? :)
  15. There is probably very few of us left who have this BS1-BS2 migration still festering on their TODO list. Live for today... Procrastinate till tomorrow! I have read a lot of threads about this process and now find myself repeatedly circling in a pool of the same pages, posts and information yet I'm not able to achieve the migration. I'm probably being blind to something obvious. At least I hope so. Here's my situation and what I understand of the process: I use DCS World standalone v2.5.6 (Open Beta) I have the Steam version of DCS: Black Shark (1) This is a standalone program co
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