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  1. I can confirm parts of that. The SYM Switch on the MFCD works but has no effect on the white TGP Symbology, those will always be at maximum brightness. You can see it in the screenshot. Wether that is the correct behaviour or not I can not say but it has always been this way ever since I first flew the A-10C back in 2011. Secondly, putting the Signal Lights switch on the interior lighting panel to the "Dim"-position does not have any effect. IIRC it shoult dim the clock and the Nav Panel but it doesn't do that in the latest Versions of DCS. This used to work. Not sure when that changed.
  2. Human controlled Vipers and Hornets definitely don't show up on the HMCS.
  3. Additional Screenshot of the bug after I encountered the problem: And another track file. DDIs and HUD freeze right at the end of the .trk: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1KgffLNMIx-aQbsGGSvXU97QTR9GJ3LB9
  4. Auch die richtige .lua-Datei modifiziert? Im Fall der L-39C & ZA ist das jeweils die "Throttle - HOTAS Warthog.lua"-Datei
  5. Alle Bäume auf Nevada (auch dichte Wälder, wie z.B. auf der nördlichen Seite von Gass Peak) haben ein Kollisionsmodell. Hier sind alle Bäume wirklich vorhanden, ich hab's mehrfach - freiwilig und unfreiwillig - getestet:
  6. @Ex81: X:\Program Files\Eagle Dynamics\DCS World\Doc Mal ne Frage an unsere Übersetzer: Wäre 'Node' hier nicht besser als Knotenpunkt übersetzt?
  7. 1. Der TGP muss SOI (Sensor of Interest) sein. 2. Ziel mit TGP auswählen 3. TMS UP LONG (~1s) drücken. Evtl. vor dem Erstellen des SPI's mal lasern, insbesondere wenn dein Blickwinkel flach ist. Der TGP kennt nur das Geländeprofil, er sieht keine Fahrzeuge oder Gebäude. Das funktioniert garantiert. Wenn nicht vll mal die Keybindings überprüfen. Ein kurzer(!) Track kann auch helfen.
  8. Amazing screens Coxy! Playing the aggressor in tonights training I had some downtime to take pretty pictures:
  9. AFAIK it is. According to the manual you need to check wether WP00 has the correct coordinates prior to the alignment: INS Alignment is covered from page 90 onwards
  10. Some nice wingtip vortices during landing approaches in humid air:
  11. My point is that as with cockpit language this option should be in the 'Special' tab for the L-39 and not bound to global gameplay options. I'm not against this option being there I just don't think this is the way to implement it. Especially with the growing number of modules.
  12. I really hope this is only a temporary implementation. IMHO options like this belong in the special tab and should never ever depend on gameplay options. Imagine every dev would do it this way with aircraft that can have instruments with imperial or metric scales. You'd have to constantly switch between metric/imperial if you want to have realistic units inside the cockpit depending on the scenario you fly. I'm always in favor of more options but please do it 'right'. Stuff like this is exactly why we have a 'Special' tab in the options menu.
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