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  1. ah yes so I discovered my error... Thinking I was being clever I mapped all the keys on the su-27 and then loaded that profile on the su-25. Apparently this is a really bad thing to do. was solved by deleting the files in the Saved Games folder Cheers!
  2. The re-install didn't work, but deleting the controls in the Saved Games folder did! Thank you! now just need to remap everything
  3. i was afraid you were going to say that... repair downloads something but theres still no Electric Power Switch in the menu... so i suppose ill be back in like an hour
  4. lol... I just started a second mission and the HUD was there for the first instant then it disappeared... perhaps i should report this as a bug? flaps and nothing else work either
  5. i swear theres no Electric Power Switch. I just started a quick mission from ramp and it started with the HUD already on... so... weird... hope it works in multiplayer
  6. weird... "Electric Power Switch" is totally absent from my control list for the SU-25T I have Eject, Electro/Optical System On/Off, End Mission
  7. Seems to be called APU in the A-10C, but i see no reference to this in any of the FC3 planes control schemes...
  8. When I ramp start, the HUD doesn't turn on... someone said I had to Rshift+L to turn on the battery but alas I've thoroughly messed with my controls and am unable to find any command that even vaguely resembles "battery" any help would be super! -Thanks!
  9. Hi! I looked around a bit and couldn't find any info that might help me... maybe someone here knows... Ive got two monitors hooked up and working... I use the little guy as my main view screen, but im wondering if theres a way to set the secondary monitor (33" HDMI TV) to external view? maybe just showing constant flybys... or it would be nice if it would snap to target and incoming missiles... [uNRELATED QUESTION: In the Su-27 when I have incoming AIM-9s why is there no alarm going off? am i just supposed to know?] -Brian
  10. hmm... so i might as well wait the four minutes in most situations... thanks!
  11. Seems to me I'm wasting 4 minutes every time I start up waiting for my ins to align. Is the procedure for in flight align as simple as pushing the inflight osb on the cdu repeater? How long must I then wait to drop jdams?
  12. I have (had) the same issue. I haven't figured out the in flight alignment yet, but sometimes after doing the full 4 minute ground align my jdams still say ALN UNS. I can usually fix this by clearing and reloading the store...
  13. yeah it was the saved games folder i missed. This reinstall worked nicely and im able to edit the settings menus it seems. still my joystick mapping software doesn't wanna work... ex: If I have Shift+R programmed to button 1, when I push button 1 in game it only registers as "R", (applies to ctrl, win or any keyboard modifiers) on the shortcut assignment screen. thus i cannot assign keystrokes in-game via my joystick, because, although the button press will normally register as Shift+R, if I push this button whilst trying to assign a shortcut *in game menus* it only registers as R. does that make sense?
  14. on the third attempt at a fresh install of now... still won't recognize all my joystick buttons... i tried reassigning button six as a modifier to no effect (it was already assigned as a modifier as default) currently i have the following keyboard commands assigned to buttons 1, 2 and 3: (no modifiers) R, RCtrl+R, LShift + R. all of them report as only an R press. also every time i launch the game, any changes ive made to the controls (or graphics or any other settings) are erased every time I launch the game. (maybe some files left from a previous install that i missed?)
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