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  1. Just to add to item 1 with the TGP wandering off, I saw this again tonight, although I haven’t seen it in a long time. I then started another flight to see if I could re-create it, and got the same behaviour after the DCS window loses focus whilst the TGP is displayed on an MFD and is tracking.
  2. No, and for the simple reason that is shown now in the OP. I think DCS desperately needs this and the concept is a must, as Core DCS will feature auto placement and AI control of the IADS network, as it should, I have no desire to play with it and control it myself, thus why would I buy it? The answer to that is simple I guess, much as to why I have a virtual hangar full of planes that I don't fly, to fill the gaps that ED has left, and support 3rd parties that are increasingly more important to us to fill those gaps as ED have too many projects on their plate as it is. Without the
  3. Same issues still present with Mission 1. I flew it today with OB, and it seems that an F-15 is trying to park at an occupied parking space (F141) where a static aircraft is positioned. As a result, there is a massive queue of planes on the taxi way behind it that eventually queue all the way back to the Runway and prevent further AI landings. Got the mission success message after landing without clearance and taxiing to parking, but it's a simple fix. I tried to save a track of it, but going to the Tracks folder after coming out of DCS, and there was no track file reco
  4. Are you sure that you are setting up the Fuzing options correctly? I’ve also used these weapons in the Syria map in Liberation generated missions with no issues.
  5. Getting similar issues since the most recent update too. The server reports via the My servers page on the DCS site, and I can stop, start and restart mission no problem, but the server is not available for clients, even on the same LAN using the local IP address. My logs also don't show any errors, or clients attempting to connect... We've tried the following Rebooted the Router Deleted the Port Forwarding rules on the Router and re-created them Issued a new IP address to the server, and repeated the above step again with the new IP
  6. Got some odd behavior here too. All of the commands work, except "Kneeboard" I can browse all the tabs, dictate without issues, but I cannot open or close the kneeboard with a voice command, I just get the little speech bubble with a red cross in the top right of Voice Attack and nothing shown in the log. All of the other commands show up as recognized, and if I say something completely wrong like "I would like a keyboard" it shows as unrecognized, but the word "Kneeboard"... nothing apart from the VA indicator that it wasn't recognized. I've gone through the troubleshooting steps
  7. There's a part there that seems to be conflicting, at least to me anyway. You have the section local a320skins={"Turkish Airlines TC-JUJ", "Vietnam Airlines VN-A308", "cebu pacific RP-C4107" } but then later you're calling; a320:Livery(a320skins) This might be causing issues for you. Here is a snip from one of my RAT scripts; local a320out=RAT:New("RAT_A320") a320out:SetDeparture({"Beirut-Rafic Hariri","Adana Sakirpasa"}) a320out:DestinationZone({"European Gateway","Tel Aviv"}) a320out:Livery({"Aeroflot", "Air France", "Al Maha", "Egyptair", "Emirates", "Emirates SkyCargo
  8. As far as the radio menus and built in DCS comms go, it's Super carrier all the way, BUT it may only be that way if you own and/or have the Super Carrier installed... Here is what VAICOM is capturing from DCS when I use the in-game radio menus to communicate with the Tarawa 12:49:29.984 [AUTO:] Player: 100 12:49:22.466 100, Tower, Roger. BRC is 209, signal is Charlie 12:49:13.973 Player: Tower, 100, overhead, angels 4, state 4.0 12:49:08.114 Player: 100 state 4.0 12:48:30.227 update state, switch tower 12:43:32.604 [AUTO:] Player: 100 12:43:14.182 100, mother's weather is visibilit
  9. Having issues when trying to transmit VAICOM commands to the Tarawa in my Harrier. Whenever I transmit to it, I get the following error 3:27:55.996 Joystick : 'Transmit TX1 release' 3:27:55.452 Selected recipient is not a Supercarrier unit. 3:27:55.452 Recipient for ATC set by call contents. 3:27:55.451 Identified unit: Oliver Hazzard Perry class with id 16777728 3:27:55.451 Getting selected unit for category ATC 3:27:55.451 Have result, identified as command: See You At Ten 3:27:55.450 Captured sentence: see you at ten 3:27:55.432 Recognized : 'see you at ten' 3:27:52.990 TX1 | COM
  10. You'll get them updated automatically with the ED updates, however, there have been a bunch of updates to a lot of things that have not just been fixed but also changed, and with the work on the Raven One Campaign, work on these was stalled for a while.
  11. You need to wrap your Skins in Brackets local a320skins=({"Turkish Airlines TC-JUJ", "Vietnam Airlines VN-A308", "cebu pacific RP-C4107" }) All Values must be contained in the Brackets () and Curly Braces {} are used to define an array of values within if you want more than one value possible.
  12. Wow, I'm very pleased to see ED taking an active role in notifying Mod makers and users that a patch will impact them. Bravo.
  13. This is related to the clock always showing in Zulu time. Because the Zulu time is in the previous day when flying in the early morning in the Middle Eastern and Georgian Time zones, the clock in the HUD shows a negative value. This is why you don’t see it at night in Nevada. I reported this about 6 months ago on the RAZBAM discord server.
  14. This was resolved for me around June, but since the A-10C II patch last week, it’s back... :(
  15. Best performance in VR for me of any map by far. Great job Ugra.
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