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  1. LOL, I'm actually the same way, but I've found that most people struggle (present company excepted) to find the options in the mission editor
  2. You must have easy comms on for the radio to work when Airborne. If you do, check that the mission you're flying doesn't have it forced off in the mission options. Option on the right is to allow (ticked), the option on the left is to enforce the option on the right (ticked)
  3. Are you using Easy Comms? That's the only thing I can think of if the missions prohibit it, but I don't think they do. From the way you've described the PTT tab, I don't think you are...
  4. I used VAICOM during all of the beta testing and never saw this issue presented and was able to use all Voice commands needed as required, primarily a command to press space rather than fumble for my keyboard in VR! I do not, and have not used SRS with it, or tried to integrate ED's own Voice Comms with it.
  5. Same here, it's been like that for quite a while now.
  6. Pretty sure there is one for the 737 in the base installation.
  7. Does the Orion support the Warthog grip via the adapter same as the Super Libra? I asked WinWing a week ago, but they haven’t given me the courtesy of answering my emails…
  8. I've stopped chasing ghosts in the Oculus Tray Tool and the Oculus Debug tool, I spent more hours than I care to remember tweaking and fiddling with settings over the years, and as my wife pointed out to me a while ago, I spend more time messing around with things for DCS than actually flying it! With one final pieced of advice I'll pass on my settings. My settings may work for me, but there is a very good chance that they will not work well for you. Be it in terms of frame rate, stutters, whatever it may be the subtle variations in CPU, RAM, GPU, Link cable, other programs installed on your PC, and also the aircraft and situation that you fly in, as well as the lucky 8 ball shake that seems to occur every time you start DCS, results may vary, so don't get hung up on it! So, with Oculus Desktop software version 30, and Quest software version 29, my settings are: I do not use Oculus Tray Tool (any more) I do not use Oculus Debug Tool (any more) Oculus Desktop settings: I use this as my unofficial Link cable, and it gives me unlimited play charging the battery faster than it drains: Which yields the following test scores: However, be warned that it will draw 5 Amps from your USB port, and one of my friends had issues with his Quest dropping out because his motherboard couldn't reliably supply that amount of power over his USB C 3.1 ports. After he changed to a USB A 3.1 cable that only drew 3 Amps, his issues went away. DCS Settings (note that I've upped the Pixel Density to 1.2 since the photo through the lens, but it's not much clearer than at 1.0, I use it as it helps with aliasing of the terrain which only became much more of an issue for me since flying the Hind low level) The important settings in here to note are MSAA on x2 and Anisotropic Filtering on x16, the Pixel Density of 1.2 also helps but is not as critical as the first two. With these set, they are aliasing the edges and eliminating most of the absolute shit show of shimmering that I experience when close to the ground, which is a complete and utter deal breaker for me (See Wag's Video of ATGM's in the Hind, when he looks through the sight, that's what I'm talking about). All 3 of these settings however have only a little effect on the readability of the MFD's, I'm using them now because I'm flying the Hind close to the ground. As a result, my frame rates are nowhere near as good as they could be and I'm well aware of that, but this is the balance that I have come to achieve with my rig. As such, I maintain around 40fps with DCS right now in the Hind, but things like multiplayer, the Super Carrier and others will drag it down to almost half of that on occasion, so I generally avoid these for the time being. If I'm whirly birding, I'll use what you see above, If I'm flying high in a Tomcat or the Hornet, I'll drop the PD down to 1.0 to give me a few more frames when I'm on or near the carrier. The only other advice? Clear your shader caches often i9-9900KF @5.2GHz 32GB DDR4 MSI RTX 2080Ti Gaming X-Trio (Nvidia 466.77 driver) DCS on Samsung EVO 970 SSD Good Luck!
  9. +1 for an option for this, but I'm actually fine with it how it is... There's simulation, then there's just busy work, and I'd class this as the latter. What I would like to see as others have stated is the option of inserting your own images as per the kneeboard here so they're not so cluttered with short distances between waypoints, or flight legs that write the time and distance notes over one another. Most definitely need key bindings for the etch'a'sketch as well as it's painful to adjust this in VR
  10. No joystick mapping available for close canopy (LCTRL + C) either
  11. Agreed, I'd like to see this implemented too.
  12. Here's a through the lens photo of what I get in my Quest 2 via a link cable with DCS VR presets and standard PD setting of 1.0
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