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  1. I tested this yesterday and it worked very well! This was a pleasant surprise, thank you for sharing!
  2. I’m not able to check your .trk but on the ground the tail fin acts as a weather vane, it rotates the aircraft into the wind.
  3. In addition to what Taz wrote I have also noticed that switching to gun while in rocket mode and depressing weapon release (release weapons in settings), will cause a pitch up without any rockets firing. Ka50 rocket pitch.trk
  4. I think this problem wasn’t replicable internally, how this can be the case I don’t know since many of us experience the issue. This is an old module and we probably have to endure desync, shining mirrors and static gun sight reflections for a few more years.
  5. Not sure it helps but here is a video recorded from my track replay. It represents what both players experienced.
  6. Ok, I see. I’m running a small training program in my community and this has been causing me headaches for the last year or two. I can ask other players to try it and report their results, if they are willing to take a break from their advanced fighters that is.
  7. Awesome! Here is a track. At first I, the host, joins the back seat of a spawned L-39. Instructor has priority. Taking controls is fine but when I return them to the front pilot we suffer damage due to aircraft stress. When we switch seats though, the transition of controls to the front pilot is seamless. We live about 60 kilometers from eachother and we have 100/100 MBit vs 150/50 MBit connections. Ping is 20. L-39 Switching ctrl.trk
  8. As of yesterday this bug was still present. Having the server host in the priority seat, selected in mission editor, seems to brake the aircraft. When the host was the “student” however, switching controls did not cause damage. This was not extensively tested though. I’m always trying to recommend the L-39 because it’s a complete module, but I’m finding that recommendation harder and harder to make since you can’t even use its unique feature.
  9. I was hyped about the Ka-50 getting some attention again, two buddies and I even flew an old mission of mine. It was all fun until we realised lock on was achievable within about 1000 meters due to clouds or a very light haze... Yey.
  10. Hello! I've noticed that the AIM-120 flies a very inefficient intercept path before going active when launched from abeam aspects, there's hardly any lead pursuit at all making the missile fly way farther and often end up behind the targets 9/3-line. Disregard the distance from which I launch the weapons in the attached ACMI, only the intercept geometry is my point here. Thanks! AIM-120 Abeam.rar
  11. No but I rearmed before I started the aircraft. I’ll give again tomorrow with a pre armed aircraft. Good catch though.
  12. C. I'll attach the mission just in case. JFS Pass 1.miz
  13. I might have tried below the lowest speed for weapons at first, maybe that broke it. It’s just a home made mission, nothing special as far as scripts and stuff go. I’ll give it another try tonight or tomorrow. Thanks for helping me out!
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