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  1. Who knows. It all depends on how they actually implement the rendering engine for VR. But I am looking forward to see what they will do with Vulkan.
  2. About time! https://www.aspistrategist.org.au/australia-chooses-apache-as-tiger-helicopter-replacement/
  3. Yeah I had it off just to see where I would hit 90fps during testing, I've turned it on and it's fairly smooth. I'll just work towards getting DCS running as smoothly as possible, and live with the limitations of the game engine.
  4. Yeah I see that now, but not having flown - much - for the past 2 years I wasn't up to speed with the nuances of DCS' current state. So after getting my G2, I was trying understand why I wasn't matching Bignewys results even though I had almost identical specs (prior to getting a RTX3090) to him. Turns out, going by his videos, he's in a 1v1 engagement up high - a pretty light scenario for any PC. Not saying there's anything wrong with that, just that when providing settings and stats we need to also know the details of the test environment the stats came from. This goes back to my point earli
  5. Yeah once I read the thread you have linked in your sig I saw they were separate - all good I've installed both. Re: Cockpit vs External shadows ... ah I see. I'll have to get a deeper understanding of DCS settings then. Re: Motion Smoothing ... gotcha ... I'm not too fussed about hitting 90fps consistently. I'm happy with lower fps as long as DCS is smooth. However again, when pointed in the direction of Las Vegas, looking around in the cockpit is stutter city. Prior to going through this I did have motion smoothing enabled and when flying on Caucuses it was great, but I thou
  6. Same test after installing Shadow and Shader mods ... slight improvement.
  7. Haven't installed any shader mods, but will do so now and re-run the test. There's no track file, it's simply loading into the Cold and Dark "Instant Action" mission on the Nevada map. I don't actually fly around, just look around in the pit, and follow the lead AI F-15E taking off for a while. Re: motion smoothing - Yes, because it caps at half frame rates as you mentioned earlier, I wanted to be able to hit 90fps if I was able to for the purpose of testing. What I'm trying to work on fixing / improving is every time Las Vegas comes into view, my frame rate tanks and my CPU frame ti
  8. @speed-of-heat Here is a video of what I'm seeing on Nevada. (Excuse the audio ... I don't know why the audio has these micro-dropouts) Disabled Windows Game Mode Disabled Windows Full Screen Optimisations NVIDIA Control Panel settings are the same as Bignewy. WMRP Reprojection set to Per Application SteamVR General resolution = 100% SteamVR DCS App resolution = 100% / Motion Smoothing = DISABLED (for full fps range in VR) DCS Settings are shown in the video ... note shadows set to low
  9. Already done the reinstall last night. But I wasn't looking to get a performance boost from that alone, I done it so I could eliminate the "unknown" factors in my PC while trying to tweak everything.
  10. "Window Capture" in the "Sources" section, one for DCS and another for fpsVR?
  11. @BIGNEWY How did you capture DCS and fpsVR in your videos? Do you use OBS?
  12. Thanks guys. I've just finished a complete wipe and reinstall of Windows, a completely clean system feels so much more responsive. I'm about 1/3 of the way through downloading all the DCS modules I own (I love this sim too much), it's still going be ages until it's all finished and I've still got all the drivers and tools to install again. Thanks for pointing out the AA conflict - I missed that. I've seen in a YT video by "Lukas S. / Wolta" that NVIDIA's implementation of AA is better than than DCS so that's something I want to look into further. I think it's possi
  13. NVIDIA Control Panel for DCS.exe: DCS: SteamVR General: SteamVR App - DCS:
  14. I'm getting below 35 fps sitting on the ramp a Nellis ... I'm wondereing if my CPU just isnt up to the task or, there's something with my OS / installed software. As I type I'm preparing for a fresh wipe / reinstall of everything.
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