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  1. Thanks for all your hard work Chuck. However i am trying to download the A-10C guide and it says the page is unavailable.
  2. Hi Having an issue where fences around airfields etc and coastlines flicker a lot at a distance and not when zoomed in. Any recommended settings to remove that? I've added my current settings and also system specs. Here is a sample video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H7IMGVNVC9o Thanks
  3. Hello After a long absence i cannot remember where on the MFD's i can change the slew rate of the TGP. Anyone throw me a bone here please? Thanks
  4. Hi In the ME my cloud base has a maximum of 8268ft. Why is that please? Thanks
  5. HI is there an official or even unofficial good training campaign for the Hornet out there? Thanks
  6. Hi Am i right in saying the ILS codes the Hornet use are only for landing on Carriers and only 2 digits as opposed to the traditional airfield ones i used to use in the A-10C? Therefore you can't use ILS to land at Airfields?? Thanks
  7. Hi I want to try refuelling in the Hornet and have Easy Communications disabled. The Tanker in the ME automatically has a channel of 251Mhz and when i set my Comms radio to this using the manual button and bring up the Comms Menu the Tanker does not appear. I have also changed the Tanker freq to 151Mhz and setup channel1 to be 151Mhz in the ME. Again the Tanker does not appear in either comms menu. Why not? Thanks
  8. Maybe being thick, but I am accidentally pressing the AIM-7 button on my Thrustmaster Hornet Joystick. When that happens I press the same AA buttons and the ones next to it on my HOTAS and although it cycles AA weapons I cannot get it back to NAV mode. However I can press the AA button the on the left of the cockpit and it goes back to NAV mode. Why can't I go back to NAV mode using the HOTAS?
  9. Hi Accidentally turned on A/A mode and can't seem to change back to NAV mode. How do i do this please? Thanks
  10. Hi Very new to the Hornet. Is there any way to quickly mark a point on the HSI based on distance and bearing called by ATC to go towards in order to setup approach?? Thanks
  11. Hi Sorry for being thick here. When flying East from West towards an Airfield that has it's runways on a perfect 90 and 270 degrees then obviously in that case i'm gonna approach on a course of 90. I understand that ok. However in this simplified examplewhen approaching from say North to South how do i know which end of runway to approach? The West or East End? Do i contact the tower and they will tell me where to fly to and where to approach from? Or do i use a TACAN if available? Am i also right in saying a TACAN station only is for approaching 1 end of the runway and therefore there is no choice of approach direection? Hope that makes sense. Thanks
  12. Hi I'm 50 and from Scotland. Have most modules including F/A-18 and Supercarrier. I'm interested in flying casually, but doing things well and would like to learn to fly the Hornet better with friends. So i am interested if English Speaking. Thanks
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