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  1. The flap lever animation now moves, but the two levers next to it still do not (IIRC warm and cold air).
  2. Managed to fix it by reversing the axis in settings. Since I had both keybinds and axis the axis nullified the key press. I can now confim that flaps do work and can be set to a desires level - but the cockpit lever animations don't follow the flaps position. That is definitely a bug. There is still something fishy going on with the controls. Sometimes a random input won't register... Sent using Tapatalk
  3. Oh Hell, and I was just pleased how they finally fixed this after so many years...
  4. I couldn't get flaps to work at all. Reset controls to default, tried mouse in-cockpit, default keybinds and also Saitek Throttle Quadrant axis... No change.
  5. Have a look here, by far the best video on the subject: TL;DR: don't use rudder - only ailerons and throttle, and keep the wings level with your leader. Rest is just practice.
  6. I have no expectations this will be added any time soon. Might even never. Plus I welcome the removal of the game mode. However, the following paragraph: "Please understand everyone is allowed to have an opinion, and treat everyone with respect, even if we dont agree. Pass your thoughts and opinions, if someone doesn't agree it is not a problem." ... doesn't say anything we cannot continue discussing it. So, until that happens - you're free to stay and contribute to the discussion. Sent using Tapatalk
  7. Why do your think ED's reply not to include this feature at this point should prevent us from asking for it? A wishlist is a wishlist, and it can go on like that indefinitely. If enough people start requesting it, ED might start discussing the idea again. Especially since the reasoning behind it has a well explained use case scenario. If OTOH your are trying to stop us from asking for it in the first place - well then... don't hold your breath. [emoji16] Also, it is good that you have checked the rulebook. Meaning this discussion should no longer steer from it. While at it, allow me to draw
  8. When DCS WWII MP player base starts reaching that of the competition, we can discuss common player habits. And yes, chat is used very often and thorough out the flight time. To communicate enemy positions, call in for help, plan the attack, say hi, type "S!" when shooting down someone or being shot down yourself etc... It has been like that from the early days of combat flight sims. For decades. "Experience" has nothing to do with it. Sent using Tapatalk
  9. It sure does. Again, lack of MP experience would have you think this way. But we established that already. Don't your worry about my patience. [emoji16] Sent using Tapatalk
  10. Then you surely do see how useful such a feature is in MP. Not everyone is using voice comms, and it makes the transition to a more difficult settings a bit more user-friendly. It could even be set to trigger only when using chat. Plans can change, and wishlist remains active. [emoji846] Sent using Tapatalk
  11. Didn't stop you from bringing it up in the first place. Now that I do as an argument, it is suddenly a problem. The second comment again shows your lack of experience with MP. Sent using Tapatalk
  12. Cherry picking now? IL-2 Great Battles has this feature. And that tile is far from War Thunder and Ace Combat. Yes it isn't completely realistic, but so isn't typing into a chat during MP when you're flying. E.g. when you want to call in for help, report enemies on the map, say hi to a friend etc... Since we don't all have radios and VOIP, having this feature in MP is s godsent when using chat or checking the map. Your disagreement with this wish list won't make it go away. Especially with complete absence of any good arguments other than "I don't want it in this game". Looks like we're go
  13. The benefits of having auto level even if the plane didn't have it, for WWII birds, is more than evident. Comment about flying bombers is there just to show experience with MP, of which I have more than plenty. Sent using Tapatalk
  14. You're making a fool out of yourself Sharpe, without even knowing. Auto level is very often used in MP when you're flying en route to target and back, in enemy free area. At minimum, it serves as a pause to check the map and type in the chat. Also, we use it for formation flying in large bomber groups (mostly lead position) since when flying bombers you need to do 3 tasks at the same time which were often done by different crew members (piloting, navigation and level bombing). For this reason, and others already described here, it is a common feature in almost every WWII flight sim. Having a
  15. Triggered much? How on Earth does asking for an option that would be optional to begin with has any effect on how you enjoy your time within DCS? Your comment on MP is puzzling, at best, if not funny. In SP there is an option to pause the game. [emoji6] It's not we're asking for a super complex feature that would take long time to implement. So that argument is also futile. Sent using Tapatalk
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