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  1. Hello Miles. I now have a reverb G2, do you make the HMS body for it? Thanks
  2. Yes, trim seems to move slowly.
  3. Is the radio and trim rates being worked on? I would like to use Viacom, and I am struggling to trim on speed.
  4. The mod needs 2.7
  5. Any tips for trimming when on approach? I get set up dirty config but have a very hard time trying to trim on speed.
  6. I love VR but it needs a top of the range graphics card to get the best performance. It might be worthwhile setting up your TrackIR as in this video or others on youtube.
  7. I am enjoying the mod. Will the radio coms work like DCS for Viacom? Also will the output be sent to simshaker?
  8. Thank you very much, I am looking forward already
  9. Hello Rudel_chw, where can i find the training missions, they are what I need. Thanks in advance
  10. I cant start the engines. I can move the switches ok but no warning lights show. also the rudder pedals and stick doesnt move although the axis shows in settings. Version 1.01 and latest nvid drivers.
  11. You can also phone pre orders for headset only (due in a couple of weeks) Please feel free to call HP Sales on 0207 660 3859 opt 1 to pre order.
  12. Now solved I did the logical thing. I let ViaCom look at the VA in the C drive (default appdata) and my other install look at the appdata/DCS folder. It took some effort but now it works as I want it to and using the ViaCom icon it will restart VA when it falls over
  13. Unfortunately I need to have 2 different exes as it isnt possible to have notification sounds set per profile. VA doesnt give any options as to where it looks for its database it just assumes you will have it in the default appdata folder. It is possible to get it to look at a different folder but you have to edit the icon info properties. I hate the way windows and programmers think they know what you want and make it difficult to allow you to do what you need to do. If they kept the data with the program it would be easy to have completely separate profiles instead one big file with ALL the
  14. Due to me wanting notification sounds on 2 profiles but not Viacom I run two installs of VA. I have had issues of VA quitting, and when I read that running from the Viacom exe would restart VA I thought I would try that method of launching my DCS version. VA version for DCS is in my C drive and the other version is in my G drive. The G drive uses the default appdata folder and I have managed to get my C drive version to use users/dave/appdata/VA DCS. I have changed the icon info of the Viacom icon to match the C drive version of VA but when I launch from the Viacom icon it looks at the defau
  15. A bit odd but key presses dont work, yet the voice command "configuration" which sends LeftCtrl+Alt+C does
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