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  1. Just found the issue, for some how after updating to, my serials has been deleted, all you need to do is go back to your module manager and reinstall the modules.
  2. Hi I am unable to join any side (red/Blue) when hosting a multiplayer mission. there is no error, just when you click the plan nothing happens. Regards, Flame
  3. Hi All Just flew in many servers and majority are crashing whenever any player crash into the ground. if anyone know a solution or work around please let me know. Regards, Flame
  4. Hi All Would like to ask about some thing guys. is it possible to use the same registration flaming cliffs keys for XP on Vista? BR Flame
  5. As an XO for =RvE= i am sgining in for the match i think it will be lot of fun and also good chance for all to know each other more in the comms as one big community Salute !
  6. Hey Gents ! =RvE=--AS-- have problem now to join the forums .. and we don't know why but he would like to say for every one thats he sent this lil tip for frazer to use it also his sqd or the ppl he would like to have it .. and now after every one know it he have no problem at all and feel glad to help lock on community to use some thing he discovered S! Gents
  7. well i am not here to answer this kinda of questions guys .. and if u know me well i have enough expert to tell if i am flying against some one have the same fuel i have or not .. there is several ways for that .. wish u guys understand i am just asking for some thing alot of ppl really wish to be exist in the game and thats all S!
  8. Hello Gents ! i noticed that u guys started to work on 1.12 .. and me and some of my friends have a wish in the new patch .. we would like to see the fuel is classify like the wepons .. i am one of the gunzo fans and i saw my self many complains about the fuel status .. some ppl take really low fuel to get better turn rate ..while they said that they going to take the same fuel status they agreed on .. so we will apprectiate if u guys can do it and make the fuel classify and could lock by the host S!
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