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  1. WTF is wrong with people nowadays. This thread: same ol same ol.
  2. I stupidly deleted them and cant find the right assignments now. Maybe anyone have a screen shot to share please?
  3. Reason I ask I just reinstalled DCSW but saved my input folder and am not sure where it goes now.
  4. Do controller settings/bindings get saved automatically here or must I click on save ingame controller setup?
  5. So it works with current DCSW beta version> How about my Oculus 2?
  6. Any relevance for this Oculus 2 user?
  7. "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist."
  8. "Sorry, the file you have requested does not exist."
  9. Any point or advantage to me looking into this as a non-Steam Oculus 2 user?
  10. Is there any information on this please and thanks.
  11. At substantially reduced clarity, no thanks.
  12. I hear that it is not good for desktop flying due to the angle of the stick, bit great if mounted between the legs.
  13. Atari console and Hellcat Ace. Then a 386sx with Falcon 3…spent countless hours trying to squeeze enough lower memory out to get sound in the Dark Days of DOS.
  14. Old Falcon flier as well, had the jet and combat mostly mastered but find much challenge with the DCS Viper, especially aerial refueling. Mind you most of my time continues to be in the Hornet as I prefer naval aviation…flare to land = squat to pee.
  15. Steel Jaw

    F6F Hellcat

    Hellcat was the mainstay of US carrier forces in the Pacific War. But the Corsair was far cooler…whistling death.
  16. 486 here…frick I’m old.
  17. Because you spend half the time tweaking it.
  18. Fixed (I think) by reinstalling the pc oculus software.
  19. No worries, do what ya gotta do.
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