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  1. Point control is outside of my budget, anyone recommend a marble mouse?
  2. I would go with 64 GB RAM because it will be needed some day before your build expires and you should match all your RAM sticks now while you can.
  3. Except in VR you still have to grope for the right buttons.
  4. When the sim is running, if I leave the computer, sometimes the sim stops seeing TIR even though TIR itself is still functioning, is there a way to reactivate TIR from within the sim? Hint, FBMS has a keystroke for that called "Track IR reload".
  5. Agreed that this sim desperately needs a DC.
  6. you tube blows chunx.
  7. Yes but the Hornet is my main bird. Fast, versatile, carrier ops.
  8. If you could reward my laziness and give your mission out I would be obliged, brother.
  9. The carrier based nature of the Hornet can cover up a lot of landing sins to be sure...the Viper requires alot of finesse.
  10. Agreed...the online public servers are pure anarchy and filled with children and Air Quakers.
  11. Flare to land = Squat to pee. Carry on.
  12. LOL...well done, brother.
  13. I find the torque to be a real PITA to get the bird safely off the ground.
  14. I write my own scripts now and agree it's best way to go, the learning curve is worth it, no question.
  15. Excellent work, brother. No question the Hawg is total CAS Beast.
  16. At this point does the shader really do anything?
  17. what for you sell?
  18. Reason: trying to use a script for the F16 and the author instructions say: Works only if you load the 3 DCS command profiles provided, in the proper categories (Keyboard/Thrustmaster Virtual Device/Thrustmaster Virtual Device Axis)
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