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  1. Syria map currently very poor FPS, get the Viper, unfinished but still a good ride.
  2. Had that issue as well, thanks for the fix, feature or bug?
  3. The G2 is not available as yet
  4. Been with ED since Flanker 1.0 for W95 circa 1996.
  5. I run with 32BG DD4 3200 and DCSW 256 online can hit 28GB.
  6. Is it realistic to operate with NO A2A weapons in an potentially hostile zone with these training hops?
  7. I dont see that option on the TM website...got a link please or how did you find it?
  8. Budget is definitely an issues, yes Im afraid, the TM Warthogs are hideously overpriced on the markets like eBay etc. Plus 3d party retailers on places like Amazon are majorly price gouging.
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