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  1. Hook to Steel...Real Men Trap...flare to land equals squat to pee.
  2. Ok. I have both. And the Hornet. The F14 is complete and an EXCELLENT product. The F16 is not complete. But the F16 is the better tactical jet, more versatile and newer avionics (I hate steam gauges). Having flown the DCS Tomcat quite alot, Im amazed it had such a sterling reputation: as a tactical jet, frankly, I think its junk. Get the Viper. Or the Hornet (better than the Viper IMHO as a tactical jet and yo have CV ops).
  3. The entire point of the D Apache is the radar, so of course it will have one at some point.
  4. Mower


    made my own once in my parents garage, they still dont know how that huge black burn mark got on the floor. so yeah, lets get the napalm going...I want that tree line fouled...
  5. excellent price right now...however, you do see its sold out?
  6. Without getting political, certain advanced regions of the world share this philosophy that it's okay to kill but don't use profanity in the process. A parallel of this confused sense of morality is networks like AMC that happily show gratuitous and copious violence but cut out any profanity. I find it endlessly ironic that its okay to discuss how to kill and destroy, if only in simming, but we cannot use profanity even in places like here.
  7. isnt the target.tmh file something I do not touch? Because I never altered anything in it.
  8. What function is a S3 long press with the Hornet?
  9. Realistic option? Nope. Voted negative. By sticking to realism, you will always be on firm ground. ED, please do not pander.
  10. DIY is cheaper but I cant solder worth shit, I will end up having to buy the overpriced TUBI.
  11. Anyone notice his shoulder straps are too loose so he can swivel around? If he ejects, hes a dead man.
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