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  1. Thx...then I did right thing cause I have done that..:). What I have read and heard of this it will make real difference for flightsim playing where are clickable buttons.. -Iku
  2. Howdy, 25 Iku64---------------ON HOLD LIST Back in things...so can you change my status not on hold...I like to order this now.
  3. Howdy, I changed my profile name at DCS main page. So I thought I can do the same here at forum. But when I try save my changes I get error message "Email addresses must match"...even if I have correct email at both fields. So is this possible to do and if so..why I can't do it? BG. Iku_CC
  4. So you think that 0 should be work..I know that my tmh is original...I just installed latest software cause I realize that there was some update to my rudder and stick.
  5. Yes..I know..but was wondering..why name is that...wondering starts because I didn't manage to block that rudder from TM combined..but that was not problem of wrong excluded list but from wrong place of exclude list..and that's why I started to wonder that name thing..cause I thought that target finds my rudder with wrong name... But now everything is ok..except that you can't use 0 at empty button...
  6. Finally I understood :doh: that all these blocks see each other (of course) and thats why after switch I get other profile buttons if they are not reprogrammed at second profile. Weird thing is that if you try to block other profile buttons with "0" then it get stuck. That's small problem if you don't want to use that button in other profile...is there other way around? Here is my last working test code // ========================================================== include "target.tmh" include "DCS_Default.ttm" include "DCS_1.ttm" include "DCS_2.ttm" int main() { // Configure e
  7. Ok..now I found why this test script was loading rudder even it was blocked at list...exlude list was at wrong position...it took some time to see difference with comparing two files..:book: It needs to be before line "if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1;" But still I'm wondering why it's named T-Rudder..:music_whistling: Before int main() { if(Init(&EventHandle)) return 1; //****************************************************************** // Common config for Pilot and RIO //****************************************************************** // This config wil
  8. I think this must be happend after I updatedet drivers. I checked folder "C:\Program Files (x86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\DevCfg" and there code "USB\VID_044F&PID_B679&REV_0110" belongs to TFRPRudder (VID_044F&PID_B679_TFRPRudder.xaml). But now all my scripts see my TFRP as "T-Rudder" Running script: D:\Games\A_Games\Thrustmaster\Warthog\Profiles\DCS_FA-18C_Iku\DCS_FA-18C_Iku.tmc *** Allocated ProcInstances found from the previous run: use FreeProcInstance() *** Compile Succeeded. Mapped plugin module "C:\Program Files (x86)\Thrustmaster\TARGET\Plugins\sys.dll" Physical USB
  9. I'm not sure anymore..cause that "comment" was done after I decide to ask things...and I made some comments to script..so it was not there when I had a problem...hmm..wondering..:) I "steal" code from here https://forums.eagle.ru/showpost.php?p=3912150&postcount=124
  10. no error..as I said..if FA18 have HAT4U and F16 HAT3U the it will work..but after switch both hats send keys...and if both are mapped to HAT4U..then it will stuck... Okei..I tested...and now it's working like it should be if both HAT's are HAT4U..but if they are different..then after swithing from FA18 to F16..both hats send keys... I attached screenshot After start I pressed 2 times HAT4U, then I switched to F16...then pressed HAT3U 2 times...and HAT4U 2 times...as you can see..both works after switch.. BTW..what did you do..I can't find difference.. Also..funny thing is that it
  11. Advice needed Howdy, I'm not programmer but I like to get more out of my TM so I started to try understand can I switch between two configs on my TM on the fly. I found found this (and edited it little)...it will not work as I think it should. This code is working at default state, HAT4U will send v-letter and HAT3U nothing (like it should do) but after I switch from FA18 to F16 then both will send letters..HAT4 v-letter and HAT3 r-letter. And if I change HAT3 to HAT4 then joystick buttons wont send anything..I can't even change profile anymore..but throttle is sending key strokes.
  12. Sorry stupid question...do I wait my turn (I'm number 25) to send pm to Miles or do I need to do it right now?
  13. Howdy, You can put me back on list of buyers..:). -Iku64
  14. Howdy, Didn't got pm. I have too much going on on my RL so seems that I can not buy this until mid of June so you can put me to wait list..:). This is still THE MUST have equipment..:) My row at list 25 Iku64
  15. This is on my buying list..:)..simple working device..:).
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