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  1. This is the best way to go about setting the proper view in the Hind. I understand that the default view is probably to help people without head tracking see the instruments in normal flight, but if you have TrackIR, about 20 degrees up feels MUCH more natural and helps get the Petrovich UI in the right spot. My default view looks like the second picture slightly zoomed in.
  2. I can confirm that it works just like in this video when using a stick with force feedback.
  3. Hi Mikhail, Please add me to the list. Shipping to US. Thank you!
  4. I've created a Ka-50 profile that uses the DCS-ExportScripts plugin. This is for the 5x3 StreamDeck. I used Togg's icons linked earlier in the thread to create it. DCS-ExportScripts: https://github.com/charlestytler/streamdeck-dcs-interface/releases Togg's Repo: https://github.com/Togg-streamdeck/dcs Ka-50 profile: Attached below Imgur Preview: https://imgur.com/a/6O1wSmM My goal was to categorize everything in relation to where it is in the cockpit but to also logically group related systems. The radio section could probably be a little more fleshed out as well as the PVI-800 which was tough to fit on the 5x3, but this should cover most everything in the cockpit. Let me know if any tweaks are needed. DCS Ka-50.streamDeckProfile
  5. Seems like that's how at least some of the Russian Ka-50 pilots do it as well. Listen for the trim clicks in this video:
  6. Thanks jonny! Can't wait to try them tonight!
  7. Jonny, is there any chance you could arrange a 5x3 format profile for your MiG-21 and F-14 profiles?
  8. Normally I love the blue cockpits but this is tempting me to switch. Awesome work.
  9. This playlist by vsTerminus is the best collection of videos I’ve found on the Mi-8 systems. He has a couple videos on the ARK and Doppler navigation systems that are shared with the Hind.
  10. It works. Set the trimmer mode back to Default then open the FF Tune menu and check all three boxes.
  11. They retract into each side of the cockpit when stowed. If you press C while in the operator seat, you’ll see the cyclic stick move to the center position and the anti-torque pegs pop out on either side.
  12. You’re awesome Munkwolf, I’ll be giving these a shot later.
  13. Thank you! This would be a good addition to the Community Keybinds Project! https://github.com/Munkwolf/dcs-community-keybinds
  14. Thanks guys! I was trying to bind inside the Mi-24P Sim axis settings and didn't realize this was on a separate option. I'll give this a shot tonight. EDIT: Works great! Thanks again!
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