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  1. The pilot log has problems: It is not tallying kills correctly, there is no breakout of vehicles and missle units, and it does not count any buildings. It aslo misses some missions, just flat will not tally them.
  2. Yes, make sure the autopilot is turned off. Also, coming out of autopilot can result in some strange trim settings, CTL T will reset the trim.
  3. Thanks All, there is some good stuff in this thread. One thing I was hoping to get some discussion on was the issue of having two physical drives. I had seen things elsewhere in which people speculated that a second physical drive could speed up the whole process of accessing application files and the windows swap file. Seems logical, both processes could be taking place simultaneously. Where is the speed advantage though, in the placement of the swap file on the fast drive or the application files? Thoughts or experiences? I really like Jay's idea of how to direct windows to kee
  4. Let's say, the hardware looks like this: P4 - 3.2GHz, not dual core RAM - 2G Video - Decent, 6800 w/ 256 HD - Two of them, a 7,200 noname and a (new) 10,000 WD MB - Whatever goes out that week as a Dell XPS 400 Windows XP What is the best strategy for placement of Windows swap files vs. where the application files live? It is a speedy CPU, plenty of RAM... It seems to me the tradeoff is in the speed of access to application files vs. the windows swap file. When starting out, I put a big swap file on the fast drive. Seems faster, but you know how the mind sees what it wants to.
  5. For Crazy F, I had a similar problem and it turned out to be a problem with Norton Internet Security. FC is trying to get to a server and the whole thing can lock up. Usually, you get the message box from Norton asking permission but in FC it never appears. Things just freeze solid. The older Norton code didn't do this so you may want to experiment with that. Fishy
  6. I am having a problem with inconsistent posting of completed missions to the pilot log. Sometimes they are applied, sometimes not, even the same mission. I have instances of multiple postings of the same mission (I assume this is OK) with differing success ratings. However, other missions when flown multiple times (I hate those failures) do not show up. Some seem to never show (Offensive CAS that came with FC). I am running FC 1.11. I have checked the mission editor and my side matches the misson. I always fly A-10 for the USA. I looked at the debriefing (before the mission) and I am
  7. Death happens. Some days more than others. My question is, "Does it matter?" I note that I keep racking up missions (single player type) when dead. Now, this is cool.... How does this thing work. I figured out the hack to come back to life but have to ask, "Why?" What does the game do with this status? Can I still get promoted and have a career? What is death anyway? 1. How does it work with single missions? 2. How does it work with Campains? Thanks for your thoughts.
  8. Indeed, a very good question that occured to me as well.
  9. Thanks Ice. I changed the graphics settings, reinstalled 1.11 and fired it up. Things worked. I also noted I got a message from Mr. Norton (I run a symantec firewall) about allowing LO to access a DNS server. I did not get this before and suspect it is the root problem. I was having problems with my firewall and had to revert to an earlier date in XP. My symptoms, waiting forever, are the same I experienced with email. Thus I point the finger at Mr. Norton. Again, thanks.
  10. I have the LO Gold CD as a base level install and D/Led the 1.11 (CD) patch. I have a low end Dell platform (2350 with a mid range video card), nothing fancy but 1.1 runs OK at low settings. I am able to get about, blow things up and have a fine time. There will be better things in my future. The 1.11 patch seems to go on OK, I get no error codes or indication of a problem. When I run LO, I get past some of the graphics on the load screens, past the CD check and to the first menu screen in the game. When I choose anyting here, time stops. I have to do a power off reset. Any advice
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