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  1. well of course I dont because they didn't work, so I switched them to less than 64. When bound higher, like that but just shifted down, DCS will not see them
  2. well, that concerns me even more that my DCS can't see buttons greater than 64
  3. I appreciate the updated tutorial, I'm still using 61 through 64, because my DCS doesn't seem to want to see buttons higher than that for whatever reason.
  4. Figured it out. Must "create new profile" with proper model selected.
  5. Title says it all. My 20210102 Virpil software sees my CM3 throttle as a CM2. At first, I didn't see this as such a bad thing considering the throttles are near identical but others have reported their CM3's being seen correctly. Anyone else have this problem? I've tried everything to get the software to see my throttle as a CM3... it just keeps coming up CM2 no matter what I do
  6. Crap. So I might have flashed CM2 stuff to my CM3. Great... thanks for the replies, all! Will report back. EDIT: Figured it out. Need to "create new profile" with the correct model selected... that will fix it. THEN update firmware EDIT: AND NOW my finger slider and slew no longer work. Can't calibrate them. Wonderful! EDIT: Turns out you can't have the "5 way modifier" selected when creating a new profile. So that's fixed. But now still following your screenshots to the letter, I cannot for the life of me get DCS to recognize those buttons for the throttle c
  7. Literally exactly what I was looking for. Thank you so much. I wish I could buy you a beer. While I still have you here, does your CM3 show up as a CM2 in the calibration software? mine does, as I understand it the only difference between the CM2 and CM3 are detents but I just wanna be sure EDIT: DCS doesn't seem to want to see button 125-128. The virpil software sees it though, any ideas?
  8. Hi all, I might be one of the first lucky guys to get his CM3 throttle. I installed the finger lift to go behind idle cut off, but now I have a few questions. Do I calibrate the throttle to see the full range? or just from detent to max? If I calibrate from forward of detent to max, will the software still see behind the detent such that I can make a button for idle cut off? How to I make behind the detent a button so I can properly bind idle cutoff for most modern fighters (like A-10) Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi everyone, I did some searching on the fastest way to start an A-10, and I couldn't find much about it so I went and recorded a video about it myself. Enjoy.
  10. Also, same mission the F-16's attack the final rampant APC with their M61 instead of a maverick like they say they will
  11. Title says it all. The mission where you do the joint exercise with the polish F-16s for the first time, has an incorrect map picture in the FRAGO pics.
  12. Insanely difficult. I think mostly due to the poor accuracy of the GBU-38's... about 50% of the time, they will miss the SA-9 entirely, and if they do he moves and now the coordinates are worthless. Would also be nice to know that the only weapon you carry that can scratch those bunkers are GBU38's. I repeated the mission about 5 times for various reasons... bombs missed their targets, wingman CFIT, wingman refuses to attack targets (he likes attacking the right bunker but will ignore the left, even if told to attack target at my SPI) I eventually became frustrated enough to just load
  13. The briefing mentions 3 UH-1's, while the FRAGO says 3 Mi-8's Not a big deal obviously, but just thought I'd say something. Campaign is incredible so far! Thank you for being the first campaign content for the A-10 II!
  14. This is what I was looking for, Thanks!
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