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  1. Also, same mission the F-16's attack the final rampant APC with their M61 instead of a maverick like they say they will
  2. Title says it all. The mission where you do the joint exercise with the polish F-16s for the first time, has an incorrect map picture in the FRAGO pics.
  3. Insanely difficult. I think mostly due to the poor accuracy of the GBU-38's... about 50% of the time, they will miss the SA-9 entirely, and if they do he moves and now the coordinates are worthless. Would also be nice to know that the only weapon you carry that can scratch those bunkers are GBU38's. I repeated the mission about 5 times for various reasons... bombs missed their targets, wingman CFIT, wingman refuses to attack targets (he likes attacking the right bunker but will ignore the left, even if told to attack target at my SPI) I eventually became frustrated enough to just load
  4. The briefing mentions 3 UH-1's, while the FRAGO says 3 Mi-8's Not a big deal obviously, but just thought I'd say something. Campaign is incredible so far! Thank you for being the first campaign content for the A-10 II!
  5. This is what I was looking for, Thanks!
  6. HMCS DMS Right Long ceases function After a while of flying, my DMS Right long to move TPOD to HMCS boresight stops working, and the TPOD keeps going to a random fixed location. I tried STBY and AG'ing the pod to reset, but no luck. Happens about halfway through the track, you can see me looking around trying to find out where my TPOD goes when I DMS R long. This track also contains the bug where the TMS R short to make a mark point is no longer centered on bore, it appears to go to a random location near HMCS bore. (Already reported, might be related to aircraft bank?) I found this bug bec
  7. I've been searching, and even googling but no luck with the following questions. In the interest of saving as much gas as possible, what is the most efficient take off and climb in the Eagle to FL370? (combat ceiling) I saw the grim reaper's video on combat climb, but that's all. Is there ever a time where 3 bags are worth it? or is the drag from the center bag just always negating the benefits? What is best endurance in the eagle at 370? I understand a lot of these answers are dynamic based on atmosphere, weight, etc but I just need some guide lines to go on. Anything regard
  8. When entering the SJ page, I can't seem to leave it again... Not sure if this is a bug or if I'm doing something wrong. How do I return to normal SMS page once in the SJ page?
  9. trying to figure out the CDU myself :smilewink:
  10. Thanks for pointing out that oversight! I added an update in the description... since apparently you can't annotate youtube videos anymore...? super irritating. Anyway, thanks for the help!
  11. My pleasure. Thank you for watching.
  12. Hi everyone. Still don’t get the CDU? I made a tutorial that’s hopefully a little easier to understand. Give it a watch if you like.
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