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  1. Found disassembly pics here: TM F/A-18C Hornet grip disassembly and OTTO upgrade - Page 3 - Thrustmaster - ED Forums (eagle.ru) I feel a little better about it now
  2. Great, the first TM FA-18C grip I ordered had to be replaced because the buttons were sticking, and now I'm having this issue with the replacement after just a few weeks. So, just to be clear, there are three allen screws holding the the grip handle together, one just behind the paddle switch, another about an inch back and up from that one, and a third screw up by the weapon select switch - is that correct? I'm a little nervous about attempting this because I had a bad experience performing surgery to smooth out the ball and re-grease my old, sticky Warthog base. I ca
  3. Got my replacement Thrustmaster FA-18C grip, and I can happily report that it is a vast improvement over the first unit that I ordered. Weapons select left (sidewinders) is still a tad bit difficult to engage, but I suspect that will pass as the stick gets broken in and as I get used to it. Everything else is working fine! Thanks for your input, guys, and I sincerely hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas! @oboe, I can confirm that after configuring the first FA-18 grip (that had issues), I was able to pop it out and replace it with my original A-10C grip and all my Hornet mapping
  4. Thanks so much for your responses, everyone. I guess I'll return the darn thing because if I break it trying to fix it I'll be out of luck... sigh. Too pricey to risk voiding the warranty at this point. One last question for you - when you received your sticks, were the boxes sealed? Mine was not, i.e. it was packaged with no sealing tape that had to be cut or anything like that. I ask because Amazon is notorious for reselling items that have been returned by others.
  5. Thanks HILOK, yes, I thought the same thing and tried cycling the switch through all the positions continuously for like 5 minutes, plus three hours or so of flying and weapons selection. Doesn't seem to have gotten any better.
  6. Hi all, I was quite excited to finally get a ThrustMaster FA-18C grip for Christmas, but I'm having multiple issues with the weapons select button: 1. Weapons select forward (button 20) sticks and I have to physically move it back to the center position until it clicks back into place. 2. Weapons select left (button 17) is difficult as all heck to engage with just my thumb resting on top of the switch. I find that in order to accurately engage it I need to either jam my thumb between the switch and the stick or use my index finger to push it over to the left.
  7. FA-18C Early Release Guide, Dec 17 version: Page 65, Audio Tones Master Caution Tone. Whenever the master caution is triggered, the master caution tone will sound. It has a "deele dee" sound. Did you guys mean "deedle dee" sound?
  8. I see the same error during auto-start in the Caucuses cold start instant action mission.
  9. OK, so it appears no one else is running a Helios glass cockpit on a secondary monitor with a 4K TV as primary. Thanks to all of you that had a look at my post. I'll make the purchases and test once I get my hands on a proper 3000 series card and the TV and will report back. Best wishes everyone!
  10. I'm looking into making the leap to a 4K TV with Gsync as my primary monitor, but I need to run Helios on a secondary 1080P touchscreen. Tried this some time ago and ended up returning the TV because of a host of screwy problems with the TV attempting to do weird stuff with scaling due to trying to run two dissimilar displays in extended format. The latest TVs are much more gaming friendly, so I'm curious whether any of you been able to successfully run Helios on a secondary touch screen monitor while using a 4K TV as a primary display? Hoping you guys can save me the headache of purchasing a
  11. Well, Max, the bad news is I shut everything down and unplugged my headset to do some other stuff on the PC. Got ready to fly again so I plugged them back in and started everything back up, and everything was all jacked up. Redirection for the headset in DCS was pointing to "default" and Windows had lost all its redirection settings for VA, pointing all the VA output to "default" as well. Reset the Windows and DCS redirection and Windows reverted back to default again after I started VA. Reset it again and it stayed set the second time through. There still seems to be some contention going on.
  12. Yes, the headset redirection in DCS works fine, responses from ATC etc.. come in loud and clear along with chatter and command cues from VAICOM.
  13. Hey MAX, I'm inclined to agree, especially since Windows 10 now has its own mechanisms in place to redirect output on a per application basis (Settings->Sound->Advanced sound options). My gut tells me as well that it has something to do with a conflict in that area after I've tried everything I know to get the system back to operational status. Another clue is the fact that my headset was suddenly no longer recognized by Windows when this all began, indicating "something" initially happened in Windows 10 that persists even after reacquiring the connection to the headset. Based on that, I
  14. VA Console output and VAICOM log attached illustrating what I described. Commands recognized and acted upon, but no audio command cues, no chatter. Unfortunately there doesn't appear to be anything in the VA console output or VAICOM log that would indicate a problem. Edit: Attached files were created with debug on as requested. VA Console.txt VAICOMPRO Log.log
  15. This is my first visit to the VAICOM Pro forum, so I'm hoping you kind folks can help me. Configuration: DCS/FA-18C Helios SSA via onboard Realtek Audio Console TrackIR Logitech G35 headset/Logitech Gaming Software Default audio output, eClaro 7.1 sound card/speakers Default audio input, G35 mic G35 selected as headset in DCS sound settings Chatter redirected to G35 headset in VAICOM Audio Tab I run all non-radio DCS sound to my 7.1 sound system so I can feel and hear the cockpit/world sounds while I have the headset on to simulate actually sitting in the aircraft with a helme
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