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  1. Thanks for explaining... And becasue as simulation we want to make things more realistic, is there a way to know that pre-planning fuel at waypoints? In the Airliners we can have the briefing with that information, but I never saw that in DCS in any plane (I believe...)
  2. I had 2 problems with Smoke in this mission. First when AAR, he was to my left and suddently he overrun me and hit with me. Second time didn't hit me but in the carrier landing the catIII he goes near us in the landing. At the final stage he breaks to the left. Didn't happen anything but AI flies very stupid, and I know it is a DCS thing... but is more dangerous to be near an AI than flight against enemies. If at least we could choose the option to make spread formations... (didn't try the command)
  3. Thanks! I could measure the range with his Tacan channel.. but wish the yardstick mode could work in future (if any problem is found)
  4. I suppose noone cares about this... A shame to lose potential viewers of videos with Reverb G2 goggles or any WMR portal ones, as it is disgusting to have the 50% of the resolution we have in DCS with OBS plugin studio. (rest of options are awfull in resolution). Something that would be fixed if ED could put at least the 1920x1080 resolution in their mirror. Something that Assetto Corsa Competizione, Condor2, Rfactor, etc does (others as IL2 are worst than DCS). Less viewers because we make less recordings, less potential buyers for DCS. Not all we have Oculus to use their wonder
  5. Hi! I finished the first mission, and was under my leader coms so I didn't say "see you at ten" etc... the problem came when he told me to change to twr so 144.400. There was no more coms heared and when I landed on carrier the system told me improper communications. Do I have to stay in Ch4 Com1 and make my calls to Marshall as there is no leader flight? and remain in CH4 not going to Tower? (channel 8 or 9 was??) Another thing. I set the tacan to 119X On A/A and I don't receive the range to Raven 21. If I set his tacan, yes... but it should work with +63 tacan t
  6. Hello I am playing the Raven one campaign. I love make videos and the only way I have done always is with internal view, because external only is possible while you are in mission. Replays always have been impossible. I would say that ED, please fix all the Replay function, but I know it is not in your plans, so at least fix the Supercarrier ones, taxi from cold and dark to CAT. Always they are a mess and useless. If it is a tool that let you find bugs from what we do, then it is useless also as we cannot record all the flight. Videos are also important, bec
  7. Not only old. I was playing raven 1 mission 1 and couldn't use the replay as there are chocks... and they are not removed in the replay.
  8. in the dictate section the phrase I say it is written. But if I say another one the last one is removed. Is there anyway of preserve the past sentences? at least a number of them?
  9. Same here. Was searching the forum for this issue and seems I am not the only one.
  10. +1 and napalm bombs!!!
  11. I have also set to 60 in integerPFSValue... but as said, it is lock to 15-20 or so. It is much smoother with the default game DCS mirror... but that one is pixelated once copied into OBS. Don't know how you can have 60fps with the obs openvr plugin. I think it catch it from steam vr directly and if you put the steam vr mirror it will have the same problem of frames lock: SteamVR "Display VR view" has low framerate : SteamVR (reddit.com) OpenVR plugin for OBS capping framerate? : Vive (reddit.com)
  12. Ok.. I found the culprit.. It was the VR headset that changed the audio.
  13. Hi! When I usually use Vaicom, each time there is a recipient like "chief" "control" "tower" it sounds a bip to clarify that it has been understood. Now from part to part I don't hear anything. I have look into vaicom options and the "UI Sounds" is set.... but nothing. Sometimes I have them.. but they are lost in a moment I cannot understand why.... Of course I have other sounds in my headset from DCS or whatever... Any clues? Thanks!
  14. Thanks! I also has this issue, and the cleanding of enviroment seems to do something. Hope that last... and hope that HP gives us an drivers update to solve this issue, because it is awful and imposible to use the VR in those conditions.
  15. yes.. I cannot eveb talk to ground crew, while in any past version of the plugin I could with any PTT. Good to Know about the TX5.. but I don't know if I have enough buttons in my joystick already.
  16. Hello! I have been with Vaicom long time. Several years. But these days I have seen a problem. With F18 and A10c2 (didn't try others) I cannot voice command anything if the battery of those planes is not on. Even the A10c the radios has to be on to allow commands. If I try to PTT with my joystick button, it suspend the listening. Once I put the battery it allows me. I didn't have this "feature" before.... so I don't know where is the option to deactivate it. I don't find realistic that I cannot "talk" (command) the ground crew to connect something when the canopy is open... in
  17. For us that use WMR (Reverb G2) there are 3 options to record to OBS. WMR Mirror (blurred and sometimes stutters), DCS mirror image (Perfect FPS but croped to Jaggies, pixels... bad), and steamVR mirror directly or with openvr obs plugin (perfect resolution aspect ratio but lock to 15-20 fps) All this would be fixed if we could have a 19:9 DCS VR mirror option. Meanwhile I cannot share my gameplay with my viewers.
  18. Problem I see with all recordings in OBS is that even the user don't move almost the head, the image is with lot of noise tracking. I have rift S and ordered the g2, but with Rift S recording in VR all is much stabilized as I were using trackir. That noise motion is something very bad for viewers... and don't know if there is a way of removing it.
  19. Everytime I want to remember what this or that countermeasures program does, I try to look it on the kneeboard..... but there is not any unless you previously prepar it. Could be possible to include in one of the tabs of the dynamic kneeboard the countermeasures programs we have in any plane loaded? Would be awesome! Thanks!
  20. Same problem. It is the only device it disappears after shutdown of computer.
  21. ohhhh I thought that the flickering colors where only because an nvidia driver problem. Glad to know that was not my side (so we have to wait for fixing it). Also in Normandy map.
  22. that is right. Maybe in VR is easier, but with trackir when looking to sides usually pull too much. Also in takeoffs. Very sensitive aircraft.
  23. The problem I see here is more than fps... it is not played by anyone in multiplayer. The higher number of players server has been this afternoon with 10 or so but aerobatics. Usually 2-4 people. But, in single player download area there is nothing. Just the Mbot dynamic campaign and I think no missions. At least from what I searched (would be nice to add maps filters). Most of WW2 single player and multiplayer missions are in Normandia. Of course it is older, but it is cheaper also, and here it comes the problem with addons. In Il2 you can play a map without buying it in mult
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