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  1. Hello! I have seen that with latests DCS patches, the AI makes Zig Zag movement from Carrier to first waypoint. For example in mission 11 and mission 13. Don't know if that would be done in different flought missions, but it seems that something is broken from ED. As said, instead of going directly to the first waypoing the leader of the flight (AI) start doing zig-zag flights (serpent ones) Don't know if you can reproduce that.
  2. Don't worry it is ok. It was one joystick assignation that disappeared and didn't allow me to start the engines. Even I put it with the 3dcockpit the 3d switch and wasn't working. Now is all ok. Sorry for the issue. Thanks!
  3. Yes I did. Even in the main campaign I had to enter the slot and then I press the esc to assign again but there I had plenty of fuel. If in the mission I try to refuel it does nothing. If I put 99% fuel, it says refuelling but it does nothing. If go to the mission editor and change fuel there, the same result. If I add a third fuel tank, the same.... I think is some kind of protection in the mission or so.... don't know. Did you check by your own and had same result or you had full tanks filled? I do not have any mod installed so I don't know. In the 3rd mission I used also the sepp
  4. Hello! I did the Mission 10 of the campaign but I had a problem and didn't see Cajun. At the end I landed and passed the mission, so I wanted to repeat it again, so I went to the campaign folder and copied the R1 M10.miz file into my saved games missions to load it and play with it. My surprise came when I realized that the plane started with 0 fuel. If I try to refuel it says "refuelling complete" but no change. Even puttin a new tank didn't fix it. In the mission editor I cannot save anything. Do you know how I can fix this to play it again? I don't want to edit the l
  5. Hi! I was today doing the Raven One 8th mission that is fully by night. I used the NVG, but it was very unconfortable to use the night vision and also look the screens. In 2D there is a good portion that is seen without IR vision. But in VR the portion is minimal, and of course out of sweet spot area. I think in the past in 2D I saw that the circle of night illumination was render to a side of the monitor, so I figured it was one eye monocular. Is there a way to render the night vision to only one eye in VR? That way I could use the other eye to focus on screens. T
  6. Japo32

    NWS HI bug in 2.7?

    Ok. But strange in the past I had to maintain pressed the NWS button while on carrier with wings folded. I am doing the Raven One campaign and was today in the 8th mission that noticed this change from what I had before. In any case, thanks and nothing more to say.
  7. Japo32

    NWS HI bug in 2.7?

    And that is the normal behaviour? Because previously I had to maintain pressed with wings folded. If that is the normal behaviour, then perfect for me.
  8. Japo32

    NWS HI bug in 2.7?

    Yes. You can try yourself. This is only produced in the Stenis or the Supercarrier. I have made a mini mission with engines running in the Stenis. Also a track in cold and dark with the supercarrier. You can try yourself. Just open a F18 mission cold and dark in super carrier and once you have the HUD with one engine running (enough) just press the NWS but don't remain it pressed. If I do this on land, there is no bug. F18NWS_HI_BUG_Stenis.miz NWS_HI_SuperCarrier.trk
  9. HI! Usually when I wanted to have the NWS HI I had to press the button and keep pressed, as if I unpress it it would change back to NWS normal. Now in 2.7 in supercarrier I press once only the NWS button and it changes to HI without pressing it anymore, so I don't know if that is a bug or not. Didn't find anything related to this in the forums. Thanks!
  10. I was on the fence until I decided to buy it yesterday. The VR experience is great, if you don't fly over parts of London, where I had 24fps or so. In any case is amazing map in VR. What is most worrying to me is that the usage of this map is almost non-existent in multiplayer, and we do not have so many missions or campaigns in single player. Hope that changes with the ED Dynamic campaign engine.
  11. Now that we have the free camera WASD and mouse movement, I think for ED it would be very easy to implement this feature in the parachuted pilot once on land. Of course slower walking than the free camera speed (pressing LControl). It would allow us simulate better missions with SAR missions. Thanks!
  12. We (28 people flying private online mission) had this issue, but was by night. We had a clear full moon night and all was perfectly well visible as it should in a full moon scenario. It was the begining of the morning, so when it was going to appear the first rays of the Sun, suddently all became black as your first photo. We didn't carry night goggles because we thought we could have enough vision, but we miss them so much after that!! lol
  13. Does this v10 pass integrity check? Never mind.. I saw that are two options as previous version! Thanks for the work!!!
  14. +1 and Historical also!!
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