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  1. Problem I see with all recordings in OBS is that even the user don't move almost the head, the image is with lot of noise tracking. I have rift S and ordered the g2, but with Rift S recording in VR all is much stabilized as I were using trackir. That noise motion is something very bad for viewers... and don't know if there is a way of removing it.
  2. Everytime I want to remember what this or that countermeasures program does, I try to look it on the kneeboard..... but there is not any unless you previously prepar it. Could be possible to include in one of the tabs of the dynamic kneeboard the countermeasures programs we have in any plane loaded? Would be awesome! Thanks!
  3. Same problem. It is the only device it disappears after shutdown of computer.
  4. ohhhh I thought that the flickering colors where only because an nvidia driver problem. Glad to know that was not my side (so we have to wait for fixing it). Also in Normandy map.
  5. that is right. Maybe in VR is easier, but with trackir when looking to sides usually pull too much. Also in takeoffs. Very sensitive aircraft.
  6. The problem I see here is more than fps... it is not played by anyone in multiplayer. The higher number of players server has been this afternoon with 10 or so but aerobatics. Usually 2-4 people. But, in single player download area there is nothing. Just the Mbot dynamic campaign and I think no missions. At least from what I searched (would be nice to add maps filters). Most of WW2 single player and multiplayer missions are in Normandia. Of course it is older, but it is cheaper also, and here it comes the problem with addons. In Il2 you can play a map without buying it in mult
  7. Ok, I have discovered something, but still not all questions answered. There is usually a view.lua in each mod folder. The problem is that the P-51D don't have any, so I toke the TF-51 one and copied into the server.lua in my saved games folder. So I have this: ViewSettings["P-51D"] = { Cockpit = { [1] = {-- player slot 1 CockpitLocalPoint = {-1.500000,0.618000,0.000000}, CameraViewAngleLimits = {60.000000,140.000000}, CameraAngleRestriction = {false,90.000000,0.500000}, CameraAngleLimits = {200,-80.000000,90.000000}, EyePoint = {0.025000,0.10000
  8. Hello! I have 3 screens and 120 is not enough view for me. IT is too zoom in. If I look for how to modify fov in forum it talks me about server.lua, and that is how I modify my ka50, but not here. The P51 don't appear in server.lua neither in snapviewsdefault.lua The default fighters are already: CameraViewAngleLimits = {20.000000,140.000000}, and inside of Mods folder I cannot see anything related to view in all the files around the plane has. What am I missing? Thanks!
  9. Same with P47. Airborne, not connected to DCS (vaicom). Once landed again, Vaicom connected. thanks for the easycoms tip, but hope it is fixed soon in the normal comms.
  10. Hello! I am trying in the freeflight the P47, and planing to buy it, but I found an issue that none of my other planes has. The Vaicom is working great on ground. As soon as the plane is airborne, even some inches from ground the Vaicom ptt voices are not recognized in DCS. If I land again, the Vaicom is recognized in DCS. No other modules (I have almost all) do the same behaviour. Tried to remove the SRS option. Same problem Thanks.
  11. It is strange that I can see the B version with my texture modified (even there is no option to choose it (files are not overwritten, they are a mod) but in the A version it is the old dirty labels cockpit. HOPE that the cockpit option is restored soon. It was TOO hard to configure and make my modified textures, to now loose them.
  12. Same... but I want (need) to have the F4 also.
  13. And how I do that? (in system options I have interface adjust size to 1 already) (I have it in spanish) I have changed my monitorsetup with this: _ = function(p) return p; end; name = _('Japo_3Pantallas_ver2'); Description = 'Japo configuration' Viewports = { Center = { x = 0; y = 0; width = screen.width; height = screen.height; viewDx = 0; viewDy = 0; aspect = screen.aspect; } } Gui = { x = 1920; y = 0; width = 1920; height = 1080; } UIMainView = Gui it is the way I like most, because it is deformed as I usually like (don't like the 3 screens option, but in 3ca
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