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  1. I don't find any F-15C files uploaded by peterP. Thanks Jim
  2. I am trying to fly a simple FC3 F-15C mission in DCS World. The HUD display is so small that I am having a lot of trouble seeing the words. I have tried different resolutions in Options>System, but the HUD display stays very small in size. Any suggestions will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  3. Please tell me where the flight manuals are for the DCS modules. And where are the program files for the DCS modules? I don't seem to be able to find any files specific to any of the DCS modules. Thanks, Jim
  4. Does FC3 Stand Alone? I am thinking about FC3 and I have a question. Can FC3 stand alone like FC2 does? Or do the various FC3 aircraft have to be run from within DCS World? Thanks, Jim
  5. Exactly! And, this only happens with Version 1.2.6. On version, the TGP continues to track target B. And both versions have the exact same mission. I copied the .miz file from to 1.2.6, then did a do nothing mission edit in 1.2.6 and renamed and saved the mission. Here is a summary of the mission which I use for my amusement: Mission starts with target A slightly to the left and about 4 miles ahead. Target B is slightly to the right and about 7 miles ahead. I am in auto pilot flying straight ahead. I activate the TGP, slew to target B and begin tracking it. Then I disen
  6. Yes of course. BUT, the TGP also "locks" or "stays" pointed at the target when you slew to a target, get it in the middle of the TGP page and then press left Crtl and up arrow. In version, the second target continues to show on the TGP page while I maneuver the A-10C and shoot the first target. In version 1.2.6, the TGP loses the second target when I maneuver the A-10C to shoot the first target. Not a big deal I guess, but why the difference? Regards, Jim
  7. Well, I like to see the Aim-9 hit the target in the TGP view. Maneuver? obviously, maneuver the A-10C! Lock Yeah, keep the TGP on the target. AND, I have two targets. I want the TGP on the second target while I shoot the first target. Then I take pleasure in going after the second target and watching the Aim-9 hit the target in the TGP view. Hey, that is just my preference. The question is why does the TGP lose the target in version 1.2.6? Thanks, Jim
  8. This thread seems like a good place to ask about an issue I am having with AA and TGP. I have a stand alone vs A-10C and the vs 1.2.6 from within DCS World. On the stand alone version, I activate TGP then slew to a target and lock on. The target shows in a small rectangle in the middle of the screen. That target remains locked even if I maneuver slightly to attack another target. Then I can maneuver to the first target to attack and watch the AIM-9 hit the target in the TGP view. In version 1.2.6, the TGP loses the first locked target when I do the maneuver to the second target.
  9. Thanks for your reply! Yeah, it does make sense. I guess there is an application on my PC that does the update. I am on a laptop now that doesn't have DCS installed. I will check out your suggestion tomorrow. Regards, Jin
  10. Thanks for the replies! Auto Updater sounds like the way to go. BUT, I have just spent an hour trying to find how to do that. And I spent about the same amount of time looking for an updater before I did the new installation. Any help will be very much appreciated. Thanks, Jim
  11. Thanks for your reply! Yeah, that works. So, anyone who has several planes/modules has to upate everything every time DCS World is updated. I am beginning to wonder just what DCS World does for me? Thanks, Jim
  12. I just upgraded DCS World to the latest version. Now my A-10C in not there. Do I have to upgrade my A-10C? The A-10C version is 1.2.0. Thanks for my help, Jim
  13. I just installed the latest version of DCS World. Now my Warthog A-10C doesn't show up in DSC World. Do I need an updated version of A-10C? My A-10C is version 1.2.0. Thanks for any help, Jim
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