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  1. Not necessarily a bug exactly but if you intend to extinguish a fire in the right engine, left click actuates the right engine and right click actuates the left engine. Canopy close is also left click down but seat raise or lower is right click down. It's really confusing when these switches are inconsistent.
  2. I also have this issue. Missile's tracking on the right track and smashes itself into the water a mile short of the target.
  3. It used to have like a bloom effect from the heat of the explosion but it would subside fairly quickly. Even switching between white hot and black hot didn't help for me. I even completely powered down the pod and restarted it to no avail.
  4. I was using it on stream like an hour ago and it worked fine.
  5. The default settings on the mfds are not correct as well but the target pod is acting like there is a giant cloud in front of it. In this mission it worked ok but took a lot of messing with contrast gain and brightness to get to a usable level in black hot. White hot was completely unusable. After landing and rearming I headed back to the target area and the entire target pod was completely unusable and looked like some kind of cloud was in front if it when it would work and randomly the entire tgp would just go black. You can see what's happening in this clip it's not allowing me to atta
  6. Yup. Started with the latest update. Even with a rate of decent that you are supposed to have for vertical landing betty wont stop asking for power.
  7. I can confirm this has happened as recently as a week ago. I can try to find a track file but I clearly had gbu-12 selected on the right MFD and when I went to pickle it launched a 120. I had to push the OSB that already said GBU-12 to select them again. I was in A-G mode and had a CCIP pipper.
  8. Make sure there are no windows behind you that the camera is looking at. Also you can boost the IR lights in the camera itself to help drown out background noise.
  9. Not doing proper decelerating transitions is usually the problem for most people.
  10. Are you guys ever going to fix this. It needs to be ground stabilized. It simply does not work as it does IRL or in literally any other aircraft. It's been 11 months at this point. Please fix it.
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