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  1. http://burning-skies.vioo.com.ua/en/servers/4/show.html
  2. Hi eekz, I've had a look at your new server but its pretty dark, I'm guessing that is why no one is using it.
  3. So you've noticed it too https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=186471
  4. Not if you use JSGME or OvGME and disable them first. Either of these tools are invaluable if you use mods https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=98607 https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=171956
  5. This is awesome and just what I need. I've got a MP mission for Normandy in planning and this would be the ideal solution to allow me to set it up as I have imagined it. It has always been a problem that I have come across, having the right balance of enemy forces vs human players. This could be the solution to all the missions I have created, please continue to develop it and release it.
  6. During engine start the HYD 2 system is offline to reduce stress on the engine. It should always be necessary to hit the HYD 2 reset button after start up, its part of the start procedure
  7. I've noticed the "dot" more since flying the warbirds, its been driving me nuts. I've cleaned my monitor loads of times but couldn't get rid of that "dot" Thanks Eihort, I'm not going mad :doh:
  8. Yes it is switchable, and yes you can see the difference between on and off but there may be an issue with labels currently, looking at post 757 Not that regularly, this is one of the most stable servers I have flown on. :thumbup:
  9. Fantastic, thanks for your efforts :thumbup:
  10. This becoming a fairly common issue, that seems to come and go, and its not restricted to the viggen. I've done a huge keybind update for the Hawk, waiting for an update from VEAO. It was quite a while ago but will hopefully be released soon, if not I'll put it out as a mod, saves someone else doing the work
  11. Very strange, I've just checked this out and the Spitfire altimeter and airdrome data match in feet, 1523ft. If I change to metric in settings, the airdrome data changes to 464m as you would expect. I don't know why yours is reading 1523m, try changing to feet in settings if you haven't already tried that
  12. Good point, but all 3 default lua's are exactly the same now so V0.7 and now V0.8 should work with all 3 current versions
  13. Hi Franky, Hope you don't mind but I've added the new ground crew commands to your work. Its a straight copy from the keyboard lua so I've added them at the top of your keyboard lua section in the joystick lua, so we can assign commands from other input devices. I've incremented the version number too, if that's ok? Thanks again for your efforts _My Buttons AJS-37 Viggen v0.8.zip
  14. Odd, I don't think there is a training configuration on this server. Did you take the safety catch off?
  15. Works a treat here too, great job, thank you :thumbup: Couple of things to note: Turn off civvy traffic, looks a bit daft when a truck drives through you Make sure you ground crew have room to move, or take off quickly if you give them the order to move to a different site otherwise they also drive into you, but the results are quite different to civvy traffic.
  16. I was under the impression, and I thought it was mentioned a while back, that we could place airfields, therefore also remove them? Are we stuck with hard coded airfields on the Normandy Map?
  17. Oops I should have checked the quote when I +1 as I didn't intend to support a boycott attempt, if that is what it was, and I should realise by now on this forum that people focus on certain pieces of a post and not the entire post. The fact still remains that the more maps that are released the more this will be a problem but if there are so few MP players in comparison to SP players, then maybe not.
  18. +1 With the release of more and more maps this issue will become more and more of a problem
  19. Excellent news, looking forward to giving this a blast. Thanks for your efforts, much appreciated :thumbup:
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