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  1. NP:thumbup: Looks like its since the latest patch, not related to BS https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=189621
  2. Any that is shown as red on the F10 map. However I was helping someone out last night and he couldn't get the refuel/arm panel to appear using LAlt ' he had to map it to a key. I was able to rearm/refuel using Alt ' but it didn't work through the radio menu. Not sure if this is a BS issue or Normandy map issue.
  3. Keep up the good work, best WW2 server by far :thumbup:
  4. I tried both spawn airfields, both showing as axis (in your mission menu F10), using all types of radio menus, canopy open and closed. Everyone had the same issue this evening. 2100Z onwards, at least It was fine between 1500Z-1830Z for me.
  5. Hi Eekz, In the current mission the 109 ground crew are not responding to run the starter command at either Axis base :( I think it might be related to all Axis bases being set at neutral, currently.
  6. Nice job, guys. Thanks :thumbup:
  7. :drink::drunk::beer::cheer3nc::cheer3nc::cheer3nc: Happy Birthday
  8. I'm not running any mods on Alpha, wasn't even running SRS, but had it installed for 1.5... Removed it completely just in case. I'll do a repair and see if anything changes.
  9. Removed SRS and the dot is still there for me, perhaps a bit early to blame SRS too :music_whistling:
  10. https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=130161&page=74 Post 731
  11. Try this http://www.amvi.it/download-s4-dcs-a10c-warthog.html I don't fly the A-10 anymore so not sure how up to date this is.
  12. Whichever you choose I'm happy with, I'm just glad you've created such a great place to fly.:thumbup:
  13. Bravo, this is the open and honest reply that I really appreciate from developers, rather than hiding behind a veil of secrecy because some of us said "nasty" things about you. This is why I will continue to support RAZBAM by buying your modules as soon as they are available. Keep up the good work :thumbup:
  14. Wow, Wow, Wow awesome work :pilotfly:
  15. Fixed your link, loved the weather below the clouds
  16. As this is the first time you are looking to apply a ping limit, and because ping is not the only factor where lag is concerned, and to allow as many people around the world to have a chance to fly on your server, one of the best currently in my opinion. I would suggest 300ms is a good starting point. The 104th server is heavily populated and is limited 330 and that seems to work out OK.
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