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  1. How's the cockpit build going? I've been playing with the TEDAC to see if I can come up with a module that's completely 3D printed, even the handles, from Fusion. That'll be a while. Are you planning on sharing any of your files?
  2. Thanks. I also just spoke to my friend who has a huge 5-axis CNC at work. If I can make up the design in such a way that it's a desktop unit (like the honeycomb alpha yoke), he might be able to make it for me. Once I get a basic design done and tested, I'll let you know.
  3. Hey Hannibal, I just started designing the MFD for the TEDAC, and found this topic. Would you be willing to share your designs when finished? I'm going to be going the basic way with wiring all the buttons to a button controller that I have that controls up to 256 buttons (MFD and handles hopefully). Also, which monitor did you go with? I didn't see you post it.
  4. What I mean is, the first file is the one with all the dds files, and the description.lua. The rest only have 5 dds files. nothing else. I need to copy from the main #200 folder into the rest, correct?
  5. Actually, I could use your help. Am I correct that I have to copy the files from 200 into all the other modex folders (201-212) except those already in the folders? That puts the zip file with the 12 jets up around 1.6Gb...
  6. Thanks Strut, I got it to work just fine with the plug-in. Thanks!
  7. Thanks! I'll let you know if I have any further issues.
  8. Greetings Strut, I'm trying to install these skins, then update them with names and such, but I can't access the dds files like usual. Is there something I'm missing? Normally I pull the DDS into DXTBMP, send to photoshop, edit, reload in DXTBMP and save it... but the program can't read the DDS files. Can you help? I'd really like to use these now and then with my squadron. Regards, "Splash" VNAO CVW-7 VF-84 CO
  9. I haven't gone through the 200 pages, but is there a way that I can add the tumble easily to a mod? I'm working on a couple of flyable projects... 1 works if I first load into a coremod that has the rumble, the others don't work at all.
  10. Gotta smile at the "I have a problem. You need to fix it. No I won't show proof. What, my word isn't good enough? Just Fix It" attitude.
  11. Hey guys, I'm building up my hornet pit (though I wish I had the room for a tandem tomcat) and I came across the MAX7219. I bought one, which will be arriving later, since I had read that you can use the LEDs separately for around the cockpit. I won't need it for the upper caution panels as I have a PCB for those, but would like to use it around the cockpit for all the other indicators and lights. I suck at just looking at the diagrams and need more pictures. Does anyone know the best way to wire up regular 5mm LEDs to the MAX7219 for use around the cockpit? Things like Landing Gear handle, Gear/Flaps, Hook, Lower Caution Panel, anything else... ? This is the matrix that I bought. I was thinking I could desolder the array on top and wire up the LEDs but not sure how. Thanks!
  12. From my understanding while building my cockpit, any Analog inputs such as potentiometers, should have a command within DCS-BIOS. Which aircraft are you building your cockpit for? As an example, this is the command from DCS-BIOS for the A-10C console lights. DcsBios::Potentiometer lcpConsole("LCP_CONSOLE", PIN);
  13. So, in doing more testing, the F-18 lua file had for the VSI, (6000,3000,etc...) whereas the A-10 only had (-1, 1). When I removed all the fpm and pointer angles, I get the Servo motor to work. Haven't tested the other gauges yet. I should have the VSI built soon.
  14. Hey guys, I'm still learning the DCS-Bios. I have in the past made the AOA indicator work just fine. I'm now trying to get Servo motors working with the different gauges around the cockpit. As a test, I tried different gauges, but none of them seemed to work. I then put the code in for the VSI on the A-10 and the servo motor worked. Same with the F-14. I checked a few gauges in the P-51 since there are so many... but none of them are working in the F-18. I have the v1.0 loaded in, along with the most recent version of bios. Any ideas what I could possibly be doing wrong?
  15. Hopefully soon. I'm working on designing my tandem pit to replace my hornet pit (if anyone reading this is interested in a Hornet pit, let me know, lol)... I really only need the LED info as most of my switches will work within DCS.
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