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  1. Serial #: 40187 Lacation: Hengelo, Netherlands
  2. It gave me problems in the Ka-50 on more then one occasion, when flying in the mountains i always turn on rotor and engine de-ice when temps drop below zero.
  3. I'm having the same errors, first the run-time C++ and then the module uh1 protect error. Also a BEX error in there somewhere, all seem random. Tried everything, from clean up folders to old VB C++ installers and using now only 2010 and 2012 versions. Doesnt matter what i try it will crash at some point and totally random while playing the same mission over and over. My solution: screw 1.2.6 and roll back to 1.2.5 and all is fine. Cant play the Mi-8 though but meh....
  4. I disagree, infact i think Win7 is close to release as there is allready a pre RC besides some minor changes i think the final Win7 will be very close to the latest beta build. And its pretty much just Vista on steroids. I turned off Multi-threading in the BIOS and got no gain in FPS but seems to run just as good, though makes no sense to turn it off imo.
  5. Hello all, This is my first post in here but im a long time lurker :D Just want to add a little test to the topic. I did a test between Win Xp 32 and Win7 (build 7048 X64). Sorry no Vista x64 test in this one (did not have it installed) Test setup: Intel Core I7 920 (OC@3,9GHz) Gigabyte EX58-UD4P bios F6 6 Gig Corsair Dominator 1600mhz DDR3 XFX Nvidia Geforce GTX280 1Gb OC@700 1500 1205mhz HDD: Samsung spinpoint F1 1TB Creative Xi-Fi Xtreme music Saitek X45 throttle MS sidewinder precision 2 joystick Tir 3 Pro single Samsung 22" Flatscreen Nvidia Drivers for WinXP: 182.08 For Win7 i used the VistaX64 drivers 182.08 as the Win7 beta's wont allow me to use Rivatuner for overclocking, so i have not tested nvidia Win7 beta's they might even run better but vista drivers run just fine. only driver problem i have with Win7 is the black line tearing when using the mouse in the menu's en mission editor. screen res 1650x1080x32bit Settings all maxed out except water (normal) Nvidia control panel settings: AF 8x AA 8x Gamma correction:ON AA transparacy: OFF Conf texture clamp: USE HARDWARE Force Mipmaps: NONE Texture Filtering neg LOD bias: CLAMP Texture Filtering: HIGH Quality Triple buffering:ON Vsync:Force ON all other options used global default. Test was taken on the tarmac at Nal' Chik base with engines running and sitting in the cockpit fully zoomed out (eats more frames) Addon's Used: SIMMOD LoReload textures and Dragons airbase textures DCSmax to set affinity on all 8 threads. WinXP: Min FPS 28 (in cockpit looking back at the city of Nal Chik zoomed out) Max FPS 53 (in cockpit front view zoomed out) Smooth gameplay overall and any other then big cities a solid FPS of 60 (vsync) No change in FPS when using affinity check, but the sim feeled smoother when only 0 and 1 core were checked then on all 8 threads (more micro stutters when FPS drops) Windows 7: using only one core. Min FPS 21 (in cockpit looking back at the city of Nal Chik zoomed out) Max FPS 47 (in cockpit front view zoomed out) Alot of stutters when starting up and switching between in and external views even with Vsync OFF FPS drops were terrible and stayed low in cockpit so no smooth game play here. Windows 7: All 8 thread used. Min FPS: 32 Max FPS: 58 A nice boost in FPS over WinXP but not as much as i expected but this could get better when using future Win7 Nvidia and system drivers. Gameplay was just as smooth as with WinXP, they feel very identical but with a little FPS gain for Win7. For now im happy with Win7. If someone can get Rivatuner to work with Nvidia (beta) Win7 drivers please let me know.
  6. yes look to the right when pressing E there should be a green light going on
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