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  1. Dynamic shadows in the cockpit (considering it's going to be 3dof) will be brilliant. Not just the cockpit framing casting shadows down but also the panels and switches each casting its own shadow relative to the sunshine (obviously turn-off-able for the lesser powered computers) As for HDR, for a simulation I can't see the point of it. It's best used in games where you going from an area of extreme sunlight/brightness to an area of darkness. I guess the only time you'd do this is when looking outside, and then casting your eyes down at the panel but the effect would surely be OTT and unrea
  2. Alot of them are ex-fighter pilots (now civilian pilots) I recall there being two RAF pilots last time I watched one and a couple of USN and Russian pilots..
  3. Deathwish/Nightwish/any sort of glam rock solo-ey guitar stuff... I mean, I'm not pissing on anyones music here, I just feel that genre of music is overdone. Even Zimmers stuff... Nice to see some more obscure stuff being suitably used and used well :)
  4. Thought it was brill music. Better than the ACDC/Deathwish/ridiculous guitar solo music that typically (and rather boringly) goes with most aviation themed stuff..
  5. As long as there are nerds and anoraks, there will be sim lovers ;)
  6. Well I for sure can't run Lomacs graphics on full :) And my computer isn't that bad.
  7. Read my second post :) I'm as cool as a cucumber. And you're speaking for yourself there :megalol: Ven, Lomacs graphics are great considering the amount of 'background' stuff it is modelling. You have radar, flight models etc etc all being constantly computed in the background as well as all the physical models and graphics. AC6 doesn't have to put up with such intensive background tasks so has more resources to spend on graphics (thank god!) If Lomac had graphics like this AND all its FM's modelled etc etc you'd need 3 NASA super computers to run it :megalol:
  8. But on what terms do you base that it's a 'waste'? Thousands of people are going to play this. Does that sound like a waste? :P I'm totally relaxed about the whole thing! :) I just wish people wouldn't turn their noses up at games that are trying to be arcadey and enjoyable just because they don't have an accurate FM or HUD. It's the same as when BF2 is mentioned here or any of the other major FPS's, everyone's very quick to jump on the 'bashing bandwagon' and put down the 'lesser genres' :( I enjoy them, it doesn't make me a stupid person, just someone who doesn't nesecarily have the time
  9. Seriously guys, I find some of your comments rather offensive. The average Xbox users IQ is 4? Jesus...no wonder this genre is so small if it's full off pretentious gits who look down on anyone else who cannot sit down for 3 hours at a time and learn 50+ keyboard commands. I can't understand why anything that isn't a sim gets shot to peices on this forum...
  10. Looks gorgeous. As an avid Xbox360 owner who enjoys his arcade games just as much as his sims, I'm definately going to be buying this! And to disagree with the thread starter, there's ABSOLUTELY NOTHING wasted about this game. Seriously....
  11. I'd just like stationary troops to fire at. They wouldn't have to run, think or move...just give me that extra layer of immersion (despite it maybe not being totally realistic) but it would be better than nothing... I remember the first time I strafed a convoy in IL2 and seeing all the little dudes running away...awesome moment.
  12. IIRC the reason why Russians developed large payload nuclear weapons is due to them lacking the more advanced tracking and accuracy the West had. Why bother making it more accurate when you can simply make a bigger hole :smartass: Of course, correct me if I'm wrong...
  13. With you on this one. But hey, I'm all for seeing lots of polys on a helicopter I won't be looking at from up close :| :thumbup:
  14. No offense chaps, But I wouldn't spend £10 on a game that looks this bad :| Why'd you guys like it so much? I've been looking for a good tank sim... EDIT!!!= Whoops! Sorry guys, I think that's SB1, not the latest ones...PHEW!! I thought you'd all lost if for a second there.
  15. It's an Apache, I've got the bigger, more bright version of that same picture.
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