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  1. You want this: https://github.com/ciribob/DCS-CSAR
  2. Also select the default skin see if that clears up any crashes... Los
  3. We have had 8 PCs on our LAN and other guys joining in from outside so its possible. Also yes each machine needs its own license
  4. Carrier ops in A4c is good stuff
  5. Miles conducting AR (actual reality) research
  6. My friends and I also have flown the Yak a fair amount in Multiplayer/Single player and multi-crew without any performance issues.
  7. Be advised for ships return fire works as advertised. If you set ROE Return fire for ships they wont shoot back unless they are attacked or it appears they are about to be attacked because an enemy AC is flying too close (Not sure the exact distance).
  8. You have to use your flashlight to fly in low light conditions (not kidding). Los
  9. Utilize your Kneeboard map, there is a mark point on kneeboard function that can help you with your navigation.
  10. :helpsmilie: Guys basic flying 101. Try something like this: Create a flight plan,, including waypoints that you can visually identify on the ground, and estimated time between points based on groundspeed. , Have your map out (use the kneeboard map) and look outside at the terrain to figure out where you are. Hopefully you created a flight plan with various hand holds along the way to help you ID that you are on course. Use your watch or iphone timer to double check when you should be coming up on points. (EG if your leg was supposed to last 5 mins and you haven't found your waypoint for
  11. Please hurry ... we cant subject anyone to having their "immersion" killed....haha
  12. I'm curious how anyone ever managed a dogfight, figured out their speed and altitude etc, before there were HUDs to spoon feed them info. Oh wait, they did pilot stuff....
  13. This is my cockpit: HP REVERB VR, Warthog HOTAS and Saitek Combat pedals, 2x MFDs (with actual monitors for BMS), one Saitek radio panel (Most of my Saitek and go flight stuff is in my other cockpit). point control VR finger control units, TrackIR (Backup), Andre's Gameseat, and an arduino driven cockpit. This all provides a completely awesome flying experience.
  14. Here's a couple shots of Miles during our three day flying Con, Even there he was hard at work as our tech guy, keeping things flying, but getting in some flights as well.We had up to five VR flyers, on point control as well simultaneously as well. Los
  15. Los

    Community A-4E-C

    We just sat spent three days straight flying alpha strikes in the A-4e (6 flyers) it was a blast and a solid MP bird.
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