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  1. Los

    A-29 Super Tucano

    You keep painting them, we'll keep flying them....
  2. We discuss short and soft field takeoffs
  3. Los

    Gong Downtown?

    Here are two custom screens/Themes/Music for the VSN_F105Thus and Wild Weasel VSN_F105 Custom Menu Screen and music theme (digitalcombatsimulator.com) VSN_F105 Custom Menu Screen and music theme THUD Pilot (digitalcombatsimulator.com)
  4. In other words, standard (for his forum) overly dramatic topic heading 1A.... Smooth frames on rotary wings, Single and Multi as well here...
  5. Something silly happened to me today:
  6. There are plenty of servers with helo ops integrated. Check out the Forgotten Server (Vietnam and Coldwar) they often run missions often where the Helicopters are the focus but often have fixed wing as well. Other servers run the CSAR script which allows players to conducted Rotary CSAAR rescue when others are shot down.
  7. At Loscon Heavy Industries We have enjoyed posting some our our adventures and mishaps: Like dreadful weather: The great 105 mod: Learning from our mistakes: Cheers....
  8. Here is the VSN Thud and Phantom in action: Strike against the Dragon's Jaw Bridge....
  9. Los

    A-29 Super Tucano

    Guys this is great mod, our group have added it into all our missions as the CSAR. Looking forward to seeing where it goes. Now URBI is modifying Luas? Cant go wrong! Los
  10. Los

    A-29 Super Tucano

    You most definitely can fly it in single or multiplayer if you cant then something was installer incorrectly.
  11. Los

    A-29 Super Tucano

    I don't see any notice or comments about the New A-29 Super Tucano mod which is in open beta. Check it out and give it a fly then provide some feedback on github. Will be good for some CSAR support. Clickable and custom cockpit. Promising!!! https://github.com/luizrenault/a-29b-community Los
  12. Our group flies and trains together about 5-8 hours a week. We find that flying for extended lengths doesn’t add anything to our enjoyment so we avoid long flight or sessions that go over two hours. (Not including planning) Most of us are real pilots and vets so I understand the it gets to be like a job thing. We like persistent experiences we can pick up week after week . We do have flying cons where we get together and fly campaigns that might go four days straight. These are usually based around full blown campaigns we spent months preparing for. But the flying is typic
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