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  1. Dance like a butterfly Sting like a bee call it the Platypus :)
  2. http://www.lockon.ru/index.php?end_pos=950&scr=default&lang=en Can any developer or someone else share the reason for the delay. I'm not too unhappy. I'd rather have a stable and feature-rich sim. GX
  3. I have an X52 (very satisfied), CH pedals (very satisfied) and Track IR (I LOVE IT!) . If you have Track IR, it opens up manys keys for viewing that you would otherwise program on your stick. Buy track IR, if you can. Think of this as a combination of tools that make a system for you. GX
  4. Okay guys, it's FIXED! I called Logitech in California and spoke to some helpful chaps there. I'm a little red-faced here but you have to program the macro keys WHILE IN Hyper Lobby/LOMAC. Of all things :o. It doesn't work (or very well) if you're programming off-line in the game. BTW, yes I do have an x52 and TIR Vector Expansion. Thanks everybody for your contributions. GX
  5. I exclusively use the Mav-D model. It has a range of 10NM plus the magnification feature. The "K" model has a range of 3NM. You could be easily dead flying within 3NM of a combat zone with those nasty, sneaky, hidden threats. The A10 has a load out of 6 Mav Ds. GX
  6. Hi Konkussion, The types of commands are simple one- or two-key stroke combinations like: nav lights, landing lights, engine start, canopy open/close, dispense chaff, cockpit lights, eject, etc. No commands work (in on-line mode) for what I assigned the macro but instead another function occurs, like external view. Thanks for your help. GX
  7. ~S~ all The macro keys work off-line for LOMAC, but don't on-line thru HL. Any ideas? http://www.logitech.com/index.cfm/products/details/US/EN,CRID=2166,CONTENTID=10717 Thanks, GX
  8. ~S~ all, Interesting article of 2 airbases very close together. http://news.xinhuanet.com/english/2006-02/16/content_4187203.htm GX
  9. Well gents, I found out about this game via IL2 on HL (and teamspeak by other chaps). For me, I got bored with IL2 on-line and elected to move over to a more challenging sim AND in anticipation of the helo sim Blackshark. What does this mean? Well, IL2 could be considered a "feeder" to LOMAC. You have a pool of "ready trained" pilots who are in HL already. BTW, I agree with the other posts that state this game requires "home work" and effort. I too got frustrated with all of the nuiances and stopped flying. I returned to flying it again after I started making a simple check list. LOL, I put in the work and then one day I saw this... http://users.skynet.be/bs999158/LomacDownload.htm Well, it helped, but it sure would be nice if there were F15 and A10 manuals. GX
  10. Hello all, I purchased the G15 last November (I also use a x52). I enjoy using it very much, especially since I fly in a lower, lighted room. I believe a program has to be written to show game data for the LCD panel. One downside I experience is all the the macros I programmed in the G-keys do not work when I play on-line. It's very perplexing. I don't get this problem with IL2. If you know a fix, please share it with me. Regards, GX
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